Accessories in trend summer 2023

In the months of July and August we enjoy the happiest and most abundant season of the year to go out and have events every other day, whether weddings, beach or pool parties, meetings with friends, trips or infinite sunsets. Therefore, we have to be prepared to show off our 2023 trend looks , carrying our style as a flag, feeling good and dazzling on every occasion.

One of the key pieces of an outfit are the accessories that we choose when dressing. We select accessories that make a piece of clothing stand out, give color to our look or enhance the tones that we have chosen. Hence its importance, because a simple accessory can change everything.

So we are going to analyze the latest summer 2023 trends so that we make the most of these premises and bring out the best in ourselves.

If we were thinking of continuing with the simple trends, in neutral tones and basic lines that marked us in spring, we have to change the chip completely and adapt to the fluorine colors, the chunky rings , pearl necklaces and psychedelic style jewelry that are returning this season stronger than ever.

The chunky rings

At first glance, this name doesn't sound familiar to us at all, but from now on it will be in our vocabulary more than we think if we are lovers of rings.

These types of rings stand out for being made with clay, stones or colored acrylics, they are made in a wide variety of different finishes and include striking decorations. Surely they are familiar to you, since we have carried them in our childhood, recalling those fun moments of summer madness. The chunky rings give our look a hooligan and original touch, which, if we combine it with a daring manicure in bright tones, such as orange or Barbie pink (so fashionable at the moment) will delight any summer 2023 look . They have original decorations, and you can even make them yourself if you feel like trying a different hobby.

The pearl necklace

If you thought that your grandmother's or mother's pearl necklace was old, you are wrong, we will explain why.

If Coco Chanel already shined at the time, it is in this summer 2023 where we can emulate her more than ever and use this elegant, sophisticated and timeless accessory. There are versions of all kinds, being a basic of the most powerful streetstyle, it is the latest trend and not only as complements to the garments themselves, but as accessories in all their splendor. We can find them in the form of rhinestones on bags or even as a hair accessory, in hairpins and headbands, so flattering in these hot months, where we can collect our hair in simple buns or low pigtails so as not to get hot with our hair down. or leave our hair wet after a beach or pool session so it can dry in the wind with these ideal accessories.

Floral accessories

Flowers have become the quintessential trend design in summer 2023 , as we find them in tops, belts, bags, sandals, as well as in brooches or decorations for dresses or skirts. Above all, in its 3D version, giving volume to our outfits and in bright colors.

It is worth highlighting the flowers on the neck , as they give us that different touch that replaces the classic gold or silver necklace, elevating, for example, a suit to another level, giving it a ground-breaking and avant-garde character.

Jewel belts

If we go back with our minds to the nineties we can remember those belts with chains and pendants that delighted the most stylish models and now, if we remember the 2000s, we will not be able to get these jewel belts out of our minds where they were the biggest trend in accessories. Well yes, they are back to stay this summer 2023 , jewel or chain belts have become essential for a total look inspired by the Y2K trend . They create a unique look when combined with high pants, straight knee-length skirts or even leggings accompanied by good high-heeled or vinyl sandals, the latest hit of the season.


Another trendy summer 2023 accessory is bracelets. They are very characteristic of the boho style, which returns this season in all its versions. They can be silver or gold, with or without rhinestones and even padded, with fluorescent and striking colors, turning our looks into original and risky ones.


If we want to give a touch of color and style to our ears, we have to keep in mind that the trending models for 2023 are:

The thick hoops , both in gold and silver, have a round and bold aesthetic that gives them a beautiful visual effect, while their thick design gives them a bold and unique look. Thick gold hoops are very versatile and add a touch of glamor to both casual and formal looks.

Vintage-inspired earrings , since this summer 2023, this style is a fashion trend. Classic designs, such as filigree drops, are combined with a mix of elegance and glamor to create remarkable accessories. These earrings can be created combined with pearls, diamonds and other precious stones that elevate our looks to the Olympus of sophistication.

Personalized earrings and necklaces with emoticons

Earrings and necklaces with personalized details are on the rise. If we choose to personalize our accessories, whether they are for ourselves or for a gift to a loved one, we are giving them that different and special touch, since we are adding a bit of those special moments that we represent through symbols or emoticons that we use daily. and that represent us. In all colors and shapes we can decorate our looks with these accessories, with faces, hearts, stars or animal figurines that will give us that fresh and original air that we like so much at Reme Antón .

We hope that these tips help you choose the 2023 trend accessories , in our store in Alicante, at Reme Antón , we offer you the best dresses and accessories so that you can apply these trends in your next events. Enjoy the summer!