We start with the Autumn-Winter 2023 season!

With our sights set on the next Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 season, we cannot leave this opportunity to analyze the latest trends that we will have available at Reme Antón with which to dress and enjoy the most diverse events wearing our best outfits.

If we have to highlight something, it is the range of colors that will accompany us throughout this new stage, some highly acclaimed tones are returning and others are going to surprise us. They are the following: red, coffee brown, black, magenta, pink, blue and green in their various variations. In short, an appetizing range of colors that will fill our closets.

Trend garments in Fall-Winter 2023

Being comfortable and fashionable is what triumphs, so the main designers have stuck to this purpose and have opted for one more season by opting for oversized garments, dresses, skirts, shirts and loose T-shirts that provide us with that freedom of movement so attractive.

We review baggy pants, voluminous skirts and party dresses that give more body and movement when worn.

Metallic tones

Every dress is meant to make us shine, for this we are going to focus on metallic garments. Gold and silver will flood our wardrobe to make us stand out. With designs with drapes, ruffles and different prints, we will show off these striking shades, both for evening events and daytime celebrations.

Featured shapes: pleats and drapes

Greek inspirations are present again this season, draping appears with designs present in satin, silk and transparent dresses , these will also be key this fall-winter 2023 season , sleeves with transparencies, necklines and more, they will reveal our skin with a subtle transparent touch. Skirts and blouses will also have these pleats and drapes that will give them that different look.

Feathers everywhere

We had already seen that feathers were taking their place in the latest designs of these seasons and now they are returning stronger than ever. We will not only see them on dresses, but also on the bottoms of pants, on bags, hair accessories and accessories, and on blouses and shirts. They are an absolute trend, being a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The ideal occasions to wear them will be, for example, for special events such as weddings and graduations , our specialties at Reme Antón , so you can check our website or visit us to see feathers everywhere.

Checkered print

Without a doubt, the checkered or preppy print is renewed for another season, opting for knee-length skirts, jackets ideal for going to the office and for going out to parties, with fitted shirts or the acclaimed suit jacket, ideal for any event.

Pants are back on the streets

At Reme Antón we want our customers to leave our store happy and with the feeling that what they have bought will make them shine on that special occasion ahead of them, well, what better way to do it than by betting on pants. A dress always comes to mind when we have an event, even if, sometimes, it is not the most comfortable or what we want to wear, since we would like to wear those soft and comfortable pants that make us stylized, that allow us to dance in all the spaces. places and even sit on the grass. Now is the time! In this fall-winter 2023-2024 season, pants will reach their peak. We will see them both wide and straight cut. The silhouettes will stand out from the waist to the hips and with all the design details reflected that appear in the season's garments, such as metallics and transparencies.

And so we will continue analyzing everything new that comes, so that we adapt our wardrobe and our mind to the new trends. To enjoy!