Do you want to shine this spring 2023 ? Do you want to add a different touch to your wardrobe? Are you bored of the cold colors of winter? Don't worry, at Reme Antón we have the solution, keep reading and you will discover the most beautiful colors. breakers of this spring 2023 .

Paying attention to the trendy colors is one of the biggest attractions of each season, without a doubt, we seek to look different and show off the shades that are most talked about in each season. This year we continue to promote pink, the favorite of many designers last season, and pastels, which fuse creativity with calm and minimalism.

The fashionable colors for this spring 2023 are gray, pink, nude, yellow, orange, green (in all its shades) and light blue. They denote light, brightness and life, characteristics of spring, always cheerful, always floral and with that change in temperature that brightens our days.

We have to combine them with airy dresses, footwear, refreshing, light and flowing garments.

But if we focus on those that are going to occupy the most covers this season, we have decided on the following:

  • Light blue: soft, fresh, combinable, it is that tone that will accompany us in any celebration we have, from the mother's communion to the perfect guest at our best friend's wedding. It is easy to use, since we can mix it with Barbie pink or lime green clothes, which will make it stand out in a much more daring and vibrant way.

  • Orange: the revelation color of all 2023 looks is orange. A striking, exaggerated color that brightens any combination, whether in a suit, dress, pants or accessory, such as sandals or bags. She has stood out both in monochrome outfits and with neutral accessories. The color of energy and confidence can be found in several of our models, giving shape to fluid silhouettes, romantic necklines, transparencies and fabrics such as tulle and feathers.

  • The pastel: in reality, we will dress in various shades of pastel colors, they are a mixture of romantic colors that cause a feeling of calm and freshness. Blue, green and lilac will also be part of the color of the pastels that we recommend. At Reme Antón we propose romantic dresses , blazers in light green, powder pink or beige, and even a tone of light yellow would be within this very interesting palette to wear in spring 2023 .

  • Lilac: although it would be within the pastel tones that we mentioned previously, we need to make a separate mention for this color, lilac offers us a sweeter and more innocent touch for our look, leaving behind the dark tones, typical of colder months.

  • Green: another of the stars of this season is green, but as we have reviewed before, in its lighter shades. This color combines with almost everything, it is very wearable, from the most neutral tones (beige, white, nude) to the most striking colors (fuchsia, magenta, blue).

  • Pink: with this color we return to our childhood, to our most Barbie version. It is the rage in CAPITAL LETTERS, all our most international stars wear it in their looks, it is joy and the explosion of color in a single tone. If you want to look different and dare to innovate, pink is your color. We can combine it with beige, lilac, green or blue, it enhances the good vibes and optimism typical of the season of flowers and resurgence. The Barbies are back strong!

Don't miss the opportunity to completely change your wardrobe or acquire new clothes that will make your heart and your look burst with emotion and color.

Dare yourself!