In Spain, the triumphant season to celebrate a wedding is summer, specifically the months of July and September , they are the favorites of the majority of lovers, due to the high temperatures and good weather, which allow, almost Always celebrate both the ceremony and the banquet outside and opt for light dresses and airy fabrics. But what if we decide to innovate and choose to get married in winter? Why not change and challenge the temperatures? At Reme Antón we are going to give you a series of reasons why winter can be the ideal date to enjoy a special and different wedding, a winter wedding .

More and more daring people decide to get married in winter and thus dethrone the famous summer and the acclaimed spring, since there are many couples who prefer a different setting for their photos and winter, Christmas, icy themes... with which to decorate their beloved wedding day.

Winter weddings have a unique, magical and special charm at the height of this time of year. What better time of year than Christmas? A wedding in the middle of December can have the extra value that this celebration brings with it, special moments and family reunions are the perfect setting to say I do. An intimate wedding, a ceremony with a lot of tradition, a photographic report with snow as an idyllic background and decoration with cotton flowers, red mistletoe and tons of colored lights.

What is the best location for a winter wedding?

Some of the advantages of celebrating a winter wedding are a lower economic cost, because the hottest months are the most expensive because they are the most in demand, there is greater availability , the gastronomic menu is extensive , the Christmas dates give an added bonus of excitement and a very attractive family atmosphere to celebrate the big day.

That is why we consider the different scenarios that could be the place chosen for the banquet and the ceremony, if we choose the option of a winter wedding. Let's check them out below!

Winter wedding on the beach

It seems crazy, but in winter the sunsets on the seashore are a true privilege and the serenity of a sea without large crowds of people will allow lovers to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable sight.

At this time of year neither heat nor cold will ruin your day, in fact, you will achieve a perfect temperature to enjoy it to the fullest without complications. It must also be taken into account that the budget will be lower than the high season, that is, in summer. In addition, the waves, the sea breeze, the sand and the palm trees are a fantastic combination, which will provide you with a warm and ideal atmosphere to take ideal wedding photos on the beach.

The mountains as a winter wedding destination

Another option that we propose is a place near the mountains, with views of the wildest nature. There are ski slopes that have perfect places to celebrate a winter wedding surrounded by snow, with a pure white landscape. We can select a living room that has large windows through which we can see beautiful views and enjoy plenty of natural light.

Or there are also charming hotels or rural houses that have greenhouse tents that are ideal places to decorate with winter themes that highlight the beauty of these days.

Charming place? A castle or a farm, ideal options for winter

If we are thinking about a different wedding, a castle may be the best option, they usually have a lot of space to accommodate all the guests. The atmosphere created by the mix of towers, stairs, chimneys, decoration, etc. They will make a unique and unforgettable experience.

On the other hand, farms are highly sought after at winter weddings. Its facilities allow civil weddings to be held in the same venue and are perfect for outdoor decorations with floral motifs and a rustic feel. In the farms you will have a large outdoor space, different specialized rooms and greater privacy for your family and friends.

Finally, we would like to briefly analyze the best guest looks for winter weddings . The ideal is to follow the protocol as in any other season of the year, so if the wedding is in the morning you should opt for a midi or short dress, while if the wedding is at night, we can choose a long dress. The good thing about winter weddings is that there are more options, for example, two-piece suits that are a pure trend in 2023. You can choose between a skirt and top or a jacket and pants suit. With some striking accessories, a suit will be the perfect option for the coldest days.

The ideal fabrics for a winter wedding will be velvet, satin, tweed or wool . With which to find the perfect mix between warmth and perfect style for this season. Additionally, another basic item of clothing for a winter wedding is the coat. It is the perfect accessory to wear party dresses and not die from the cold. Fur-effect coats are the most sought after to attend a winter wedding as a guest , because they provide us with style and warmth for this type of events. Furthermore, as they are trendy, they can be reused after the wedding. Cloth coats are another excellent option, especially if we choose camel or black, since both colors offer us a lot of possibilities and go with any other combination.

The ideal accessories for a winter wedding are stoles, gloves, closed shoes and velvet headbands. Dare to try them on!

Although we have reviewed winter weddings, any moment you choose that represents you as a couple, as a symbol of your love, will be the perfect moment. Every date, every month, every season will always have something special, if it connects with your history. All that remains is to dream and let yourself go with enthusiasm.