Evening weddings, bet on the most spectacular party dresses!

In an evening wedding the range of possibilities increases and we can take risks both in the party dresses and in the evening makeup that we are going to wear. It is the ideal time to wear a glamorous guest dress that helps you feel like a goddess, dazzling and trying combinations that would be unthinkable for another type of event.

At Reme Antón we are prepared to give you a series of premises to guide you when choosing your party dress for evening weddings , special, mysterious celebrations surrounded by the charm of the festive darkness of the nighttime atmosphere.

The first thing we want to highlight is that we have to choose a guest dress in which we look good and feel confident, regardless of whether it is long or short. Although if we also want to take into account the protocol, there are many experts who state that evening party dresses should be long, leaving short dresses for daytime weddings and baptisms. At Reme Antón we advise you that, if you have doubts, you take a risk and dare to wear a long dress, which will make you the perfect guest .

An excellent long dress for this type of celebration is one that falls below the ankle and covers the foot, but midi dresses that go up to the ankle have also made a strong appearance and allow us to show off jewel sandals or a slingback shoe that makes the delights of the whole.

We must also consider the type of celebration we are going to attend, since a hippie wedding is not the same as an ecclesiastical wedding , in the first case the bet would be a long boho dress made of linen or similar fabric that gives us freshness and adapts in the style of the place. If the wedding is in a more formal setting, we can wear a long party dress , the only thing we recommend is wearing a shawl or a blazer if the dress is very low-cut or strapless, because we must cover the shoulders in temples to follow the rules established for this type of places.

Once the party dress has been selected, we have another special accessory left, which are the shoes. Shoes for a wedding must be comfortable and in our size, in order to last as long as possible in the celebration without the dreaded chafing that can ruin the moment.

At Reme Antón , in our store in Alicante , we have several models of long party dresses , for which we find the selection of a high heel more ideal, because they refine the figure and give the sensation of a more elongated and stylized body. But, a low shoe can also be a good option if you don't feel like wearing high heels or you suffer from an ailment that prevents you from being able to support those heel heights. We have all resorted to the famous ballerinas to change after a few hours of wedding, so we also advise you to carry some in your bag or in the car, in case we have to change.

In addition, we recommend that you show your feet a little, so we give a touch to the long dress and, above all, in our store we help our clients with the bottoms, so that they do not step on the dress, hence the importance of selecting the height of the heel that we are going to wear.

A detail that can help us make a difference would be that, if we opt for a plain dress of a single color, the shoe has shiny details or a different buckle, which adds elegance, the shoe takes center stage and makes the wearer dazzle even more. long party dress

If your dress has an elegant cut, the heel is a basic , and if it is thin, perfect. In this case, select shoes, but of a different color than the dress to make a ground-breaking and different combination.

In the event that the selected long dress is printed with different colors and shapes, the best option is to choose a shoe of only one color, so that everything is not too colorful and tends to be overloaded.

Color is another aspect that concerns us when choosing a party dress, so, at Reme Antón, we invite you to try different shades, to break with those that you always wear, since in an evening wedding everything is allowed, except white, unless the wedding dress code indicates it, otherwise all shades are allowed, with sequins, glitter, prints, and even the color black, which some rule out for weddings , but we believe that with a good combination of shoes and purse it could be an elegant and perfect option for the night.

Going for dark colors could be a very favorable option, giving it a different touch with accessories, as we have noted before, our proposals would be green, red or blue tones. Although we also have printed dresses in these mixed tones that delight any guest look .

The accessories for an evening wedding must match the dress we have chosen. If we want to wear a striking dress with many details, the accessories should be simple and plain in color. If, on the other hand, we choose a long plain dress, our accessories can be striking and in various colors and materials. At Reme Antón we have a selection of clutches , which are small handbags, so you can see them and combine them with your evening wedding dresses .

For hair, we suggest using headbands, hairpins or barrettes, since hats and headdresses are reserved for daytime weddings . We can wear our hair down or up, although with long dresses , which usually have necklines in the back, updos or semi-updos are always more sophisticated. Low buns are also very suitable.

The night gives us the opportunity to dare with more daring makeup: more marked contours, striking smoky looks, red lips, although looking for a balance that flatters us without making us feel disguised or very changed.

In short, a wedding at night can be a magical event, they have a charm that makes them special, with the lights, candles and decoration. Therefore, they motivate us to choose a good dress, a spectacular dress. At Reme Antón, in Alicante , we have all the keys for you to find it. Visit us!