The bright trend colors to be the perfect guest this 2022

Being the perfect guest is not easy. There is a great variety of styles and colors and you also have to take into account the color preferences that the bride and groom want at their wedding. In any case, bright colors are perfect in summer and in 2022 we are seeing them a lot on influencers and at celebrity weddings. Do you want to know what they are, what they mean and how you can wear them? From our fashion store Reme Antón we tell you everything!


Red, a classic that never fails

For those guests who want to dazzle, go for red! It transmits a lot of strength, elegance and gives personality to your look . It is an ideal color for summer weddings because it emits a lot of light and looks great on any guest who has a lighter or darker skin tone or is blonde, brunette or redhead. Red can be combined with all types of accessories and in any tone . It is a classic color that triumphs with other classics such as black, gold or silver. But if you want to dare to combine it with other colors like pink, purple or green, you will also look great.

Red, a classic dress


Azure blue, the freshness of the sea

There is no color that transmits as much peace and is as elegant as sky blue. It reminds us of the sea breeze in summer and the clear sky of Alicante, which is why it transmits freshness and tranquility. It especially favors guests with dark hair due to the contrast it creates. However, this does not mean that blondes or brunettes cannot wear this color, since it will bring a lot of light and sophistication to them. It is a color that looks great in long or midi designs, but vaporous , that look on the fly.

Wide light blue dress

With accessories you have it easy, since you can combine them with other shades of blue and thus have a total look . You can also include accessories with glitter or other brighter tones such as fuchsia or silver. And as in the previous one, a black accessory always looks great.


Yellow, the color that has its own light

Yellow is a perfect color for summer weddings because it enhances the tan of the skin and conveys a lot of power and security. It favors both blondes and dark hair , creating a very beautiful contrast. It is spectacular for long, midi or short designs, fitted, flowy or two-piece sets. It is a leading color and perfect to combine with any other color in accessories.

Yellow, the color that has its own light


Fuchsia, the trend color of 2022

In general, fuchsia is being worn a lot throughout the year but especially in summer, because of the contrast it creates with the other guests. It transmits style, elegance, originality and attracts attention . Enhances any hairstyle and any hair color. It looks great on both long and short dresses and goes great with accessories with other bright colors and black . You can combine it with orange accessories and you will have a radiant look at this summer's weddings.

Fuchsia, the trend color


Pastel tones, always a success

Cakes are a classic that never fails, but this summer they are being seen a lot. Because it is a safe bet for those guests who want to promote the tanning of their skin. In addition, they are ideal for both day and afternoon weddings . Brighter pastel tones such as peach, mint green or pastel blue look great on dark skin and hair. As for accessories, pastel colors go great with it but in a different tone. They create a very elegant contrast. In short, they are a must for summer weddings.

Pastel dress


Green I want you green!

The great ally of this summer 2022 is green. It looks ideal in short, midi or long dresses . Bright tones enhance its beauty and transmit a lot of energy. The most popular shade of green this summer is bottle green because it is very versatile and a safe bet for afternoon/evening weddings . It flatters all types of guests and goes great with gold accessories.

Summer green dress

We hope that this guide to the trending colors for this summer's weddings will be helpful to you. And if you still have doubts about which color will look best on you, our advice is that you come to Reme Antón and try on all the dresses you like. This way you will discover which one is ideal for you. We are happy to advise you on everything you need. And if you need it, at Reme Antón Atelier we make it to measure, exclusively for you!