How to choose a spectacular bridesmaid dress

A godmother's dress requires special attention, because it is a special and unique moment, both in the life of the godmother and the groom, leading your son by the arm towards his new life deserves to carefully choose the look for that magical day. At Reme Antón we are aware of this very special process, but, perhaps, complicated by not knowing how to get it right, that is why we are going to leave you a series of tips so that this choice is a path to enjoy.

Long dresses

If you are going to be a godmother to a new couple, you may consider wearing a long godmother dress for your special day. This style is a versatile wedding option – you can wear it to a morning or evening wedding. The dress will give you the extra length you need, and will be a flattering style for you.

The main thing is to take into account the season. If the wedding you are attending is in spring or summer, a pastel tone is ideal. If the wedding takes place in winter, it is more elegant to choose a neutral tone, such as midnight blue or pearl gray. For summer, however, we can dare to wear a bridesmaid dress in vibrant colors, eye-catching, but without overloading our style, since the godmother's function is to accompany the groom and should not stand out above the protagonist. of the day the bride is.

The godmother does not have to wear the traditional long wedding dress, if this is not your style you can also choose two-piece suits with a jacket and skirt, there are very elegant models in which you will feel great and you will be the perfect godmother as well.

If you are going to be a godmother, but for a baptism, it is not advisable to wear a long dress, it is more flattering to wear a midi or knee-length dress, which will give us that touch of sweetness and elegance typical of this type of baptismal events.

dress sleeves

A ruffled midi dress with a matching belt can be the perfect option for a summer baptism. If we add a floral print, with a gathered body and elastic details on the shoulders we would find a perfect combination for this type of events.

In bridesmaid dresses the sleeve is vital, since by protocol the arms must be covered, a sign of elegance and respect for tradition. A custom-made tulle sleeve is an elegant and discreet option, just like the lace option, both proposals are ideal for giving the dress that detail that makes it different. It is also worth choosing a puffed sleeve, which will look more modern and give volume to the style.

Shoes and accessories

Shoes are a key piece in choosing the bridesmaid look , since they will give us a touch of class and a different look to the outfit. Before choosing the color or shape, the essential thing is that you opt for comfort, because with nerves it is easy for us to stumble or not feel safe, so this consideration should be the basis for selecting the ideal model.

Two highly valued and successful options are the choice of silver bridesmaid shoes , since they are a good option for a godmother, because they combine perfectly with dresses in gray, pale pink, burgundy, red, orange, blue... The other option is the gold color, it never goes out of style, so not only can you use them that day, but you could reuse them at any other event.

The accessories, both the bag and the jewelry, should be discreet, giving all the prominence to the dress, so it is advisable to use neutral colors and not be very large, it is preferable to select a clutch , which does not have to match. neither with the dress nor with the shoes, which breaks with the style without overloading the outfit.


Headdresses are the alternative to hats, especially if the wedding is in the afternoon. It must meet the same stylistic requirements as the hat, that is, not be excessively large and not be removed during the ceremony, only in extreme cases and at the last minute of the event. It is also important that it combines well with the rest of the look and not only in terms of color, but also style. You have to try it on first with the entire look and then decide which option is the most appropriate.
Another point to consider is the hairstyle you are going to wear that day. Our recommendations are the low bun, the low braided ponytail or the simple braid so that the headdress holds well and looks natural and elegant, avoiding loose hair, giving priority to low and simple updos that are not ruined by the headdress, this being an element that adds to the look and does not detract from overloading the hairstyle.

At Reme Antón in Alicante we are specialists in this type of dresses, so we offer you our experience and dedication to help you on this special day. However, do not forget the most important advice: be yourself and choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable with your tastes and preferences, that way, you will shine like never before.