How to be the perfect guest at a wedding

The Protocol are formal rules that govern acts of official or diplomatic ceremonies, they do not have to be strictly followed, if members of royalty and high society sometimes skip them, we can too.

How do you know if the dress is appropriate for attending a wedding?

The first thing we should know is:

When and where the celebration is, know if the invitation includes a Dress Code and protocol, for example, if it asks to wear a long headdress or even if it is a themed wedding that is so popular now.

Seeing if the wedding is civil or religious is also important, because if it is civil we have more freedom when making some decisions because the religious one is something else.

Knowing if it is day or night, if it is day when it comes to accessories and the length of the dresses is different than at night, the daytime gives us more play with hats and large headdresses, because in the At night the headdresses should be small.


The season of the year is important, especially because of the accessories because they are not the same in summer as in winter, they depend on the time of year.

The venue:

It is not the same to celebrate the wedding on an outdoor property than on a beach or in a city, it is important to know this when creating the look.

The Accessories: Less is more

It is better to be ourselves and not overload the look and in this accessories play a very important role.

If the dress is very striking, you cannot wear very exaggerated accessories. However, if the dress is plain or neutral in color, we can give it more prominence with a bag or headdress that attracts attention.

Hairstyle and makeup

In addition to the dress and the rest of the accessories, hair and makeup are another thing to take into account to finish our perfect look.

It depends on whether the wedding is day or night: if it is in the morning, the makeup should be more natural, with neutral tones and lips that do not stand out too much.

If it is at night we can risk a little more on the more marked lips and eyes, but looking for a balance between them, not all at the same time.

Super marked eyes, natural lips and the other way around

As for the hairstyles, it doesn't matter a little more, it doesn't condition as much, but up or semi-up during the day and hair with waves or down for the night looks very good.

Basic protocol rules

If we opt for a dress, the first thing to take into account is the length, for a tomorrow wedding it is best to be approximately knee-length, always short unless you are a godmother, sister or bridesmaid, if you are a normal guest, no. you can go long.

If it is at night it is not mandatory to go long, but it is more appropriate than in the morning.

In the case of headdresses, always large during the day and small at night or simply XL earrings and no headdress at night.


We must know that the headdress should not be removed until the wedding is over, but we recommend being able to do so after the first dance.

We must wear it on the right side or slightly inclined towards that place except for the godmother who must wear it on the left side.

In a religious wedding the protocol is stricter in terms of necklines that must be covered in the front or back, in the civil wedding there is more freedom

As for the colors of the dresses, it is prohibited to wear white, nude or ecru or even black, but the latter is questionable because with some striking accessories that counteract it, it looks very pretty and elegant.

To finish, the advice I give you is that we should be comfortable with our shoes, 10 and 12 cm high heels are for the night, as long as we know how to wear them.

We have to enjoy the wedding, not dress up and be comfortable and feel beautiful.

Always remember less is more.