How to dress at a baptism

Ideas to dress at a baptism

If you have doubts and do not know which wardrobe option to choose to wear at your daughter or son's baptism or if you are the guest at this event and you do not have inspiration, at Reme Antón we seek to help you achieve the ideal style for this very day. beautiful and full of feeling, as is the celebration of a baptism.

These family and children's celebrations make us consider what is the best style to go to them, they are not events that require a dress code as marked as in weddings, they are considered semi-formal celebrations and although the event is religious in nature, they are more casual than weddings, and there are no forbidden colors or rigid traditions to take into account, although we must try not to clash with excesses, maintaining the idea of ​​the familiarity of this day.

What to wear at a baptism

Due to the joy that comes from the reason for celebrating this day and that they are events that take place during the day, normally, at Reme Antón we suggest you choose short party dresses, in soft and powdery colors, with flower prints, like the ones shown. We have in our section of short party dresses ( Short party dress ) , subtle lace, without large necklines or too short skirts.

The ideal cut is the midi, discreet, elegant and sophisticated, giving us an air of freshness worthy of a baptism.

Other options would be jacket and pants suits or a look composed of a blouse plus pants, good options being to select palazzo pants, baggy pants or pleated pants and combine them with a chiffon or silk blouse.

At Reme Antón we have dresses made of light and fresh fabrics, the most recommended for daytime celebrations, which allow you to move easily to keep up with the children and the various activities that occur in an event like this one.

Accessories for a baptism

Every look must be accompanied by an accessory that empowers it and gives it that touch of sophistication that makes us shine and feel special, different.

Therefore, we propose a series of ideas to choose the ideal accessories for a baptism .

Bags are essential in this type of events, we suggest you opt for purses or clutches, this spring fabrics such as raffia or suede stand out, giving us that informal but elegant air at the same time.

Belts are also another accessory that offer us a different touch and we can modify the look by simply combining the color of the dress and the belt or brighten up a plain dress or sober pants.

Tiaras are ideal for hair, on our website and in our Reme Antón store in Alicante , we have flower tiaras of various shapes and combinations to wear according to the hairstyle we select for that day.

Finally, highlight the power of a jewel, since what we are looking for is a cheerful, elegant look without excesses, we must opt ​​for simple but current jewels that break with the serenity of the dress and give us that touch of light ideal for a celebration of day. If we wear our hair up, long earrings are ideal, while if we wear our hair down, a small earring would be more stylish, although we must always follow our tastes and choose what makes us feel better.