How to dress if I am the sister of the bride

How to dress if I am the sister of the bride

At a wedding, all eyes focus on the bride, she is the main protagonist of the day, but there is another person who also plays a fundamental role in this event, and she is the bride's sister . They have very special and traditional functions such as holding the train of the bride's dress, placing the veil properly or receiving the guests and guiding them to their place. The sisters of the bride and groom are those special people who are They allow certain stylistic concessions, for example, in more traditional weddings the sisters of the bride or groom “can” wear long suits, even if the ceremony is during the day. From Reme Antón in Alicante we are going to give you the best advice to stand out without overshadowing the bride, ensuring that your guest dresses are perfect for any occasion.

Protocol for dressing at a wedding if you are the bride's sister

Weddings are events that maintain traditions when it comes to dressing, but in recent years they have changed a lot and are no longer governed by such strict rules in the dress code, since there are weddings on the beach, in restaurants, on farms. , etc. Therefore, the important thing is to find the ideal dress for that day and enjoy wearing it according to the chosen scenario.

From our store or website Reme Antón we offer you a wide range of long party dresses and short party dresses to dazzle whatever the time of the wedding and the place where it is held. But taking into account the following tips:

  • White should be avoided, it is the color of the bride and, even if you have a special place, you should not stand out in that aspect, it is better to choose pastel colors such as nude, pink, gray or blue, lilac, mind green, so fashionable this season, or if you prefer darker shades, navy blue, aubergine or dark gray, are the kings par excellence.
  • It is not advisable to wear suits with large openings, huge necklines or excessively short skirts, since we look for options that make us feel good and in line with the event we are attending.
  • The exceptional length if you are the sister of the bride is the midi cut, elegant, sophisticated and, at the same time, comfortable. We can also bet on the jacket suits that are the rage of this spring-summer season , women's jumpsuits or short party dresses , if the wedding is during the day, if you want to see different options, on our website Reme Antón | Communion, Ceremony, Woman, Knight, Arras | Alicante – Reme Antón Modas ( we have examples of all these types of ideal dresses.
  • If the celebration is at night where we are looking for a more sophisticated look, at Reme Antón we recommend choosing a long party dress . Furthermore, the prominence of being the bride's sister allows us to choose a more ornate and special design, without falling into stridency as we have explained before.

Wedding accessories if you are the sister of the bride

Wedding accessories are another fundamental part in choosing the look to wear to a wedding, especially if you are the bride's sister . Many details must be taken into account, such as adding a headdress, a hat (for daytime celebrations) or a special hairstyle with decorations to the style. If you like the idea but do not lack inspiration, you can visit our accessories section, Accessories women – Reme Antón Modas ( , in it you will find handbags of all materials, colors and sizes, original headdresses and with details of feathers, flowers, pearls... We have hats, headbands or simple flowers to satisfy our clients by adapting to their style and giving them different options to find the one with which they feel most comfortable and beautiful.

Shoes are another important accessory to keep in mind, we must know the setting in which we are going to wear them, whether it is on beach sand, on steep ground, or model, since comfort is vital to spend a great day and the style of the shoe is not the same for one place as for another. We look for them to be in plain tones so that we give prominence to the party dress, but they can have details of the same color as the dress.

The jewelry should be elegant but consistent with the dress, we must pay attention to the neckline that we are going to show off, so that they give us that special and striking touch without being overloaded.

Makeup is also key on this day, we can let ourselves be carried away by subtlety and choose light tones that highlight the look and give power to the lips following the chromatic trail of the look we have chosen, but without feeling disguised, being the image we see in the mirror a faithful reflection of ourselves but improved and perfect for our sister's big day.

We hope that these tips are helpful to you and that you visit us at our Reme Anton store in Alicante or through our website Reme Antón | Communion, Ceremony, Woman, Knight, Arras | Alicante – Reme Antón Modas ( , we are happy to advise you and help you with everything you need. Cheer up!