Tips for buying your Communion dress

Like every year, at Reme Ant贸n we want to give some 饾棸饾椉饾椈饾榾饾棽饾椃饾椉饾榾 饾椊饾棶饾椏饾棶 饾椆饾棶 饾棸饾椉饾椇饾椊饾椏饾棶 饾棻饾棽饾椆 饾榿饾椏饾棶 What should you take into account?

馃憠 Mainly, do not leave the purchase of the suit for the last few months. Even if you think that you have time starting in January, it is better that you start looking at suits now and decide on one, for several reasons:

鉃 Now the collections are complete and we have a great variety of suits. Starting in January, the best models will be sold out 鈴

鉃 The same thing happens with sizes, we have variety and quantity, but after these first months they run out. And if for some reason, you need a more special size, if you buy it now we have time to order it 鉁

鉃 The rise in prices is notable in all sectors. Therefore, buying your suit now means ensuring a price without increases 馃挵

鉃 We assure you that we do not sell any identical outfit for the same day and same church. We don't want two children to be the same. Therefore, we advise you to buy the one you like the most now, because starting in January it will no longer be available 鉁濓笍

鉃 If you buy now we have time to make all the necessary arrangements so that the suit is available a month before and you can do the photo session. Better without rushing! 馃馃У

鉃 Don't worry if it's too early for you to make the full payment for the suit. We can divide it into comfortable installments and with better time 馃憤

鉃 We now have greater availability of appointments. Later we will have more problems seeing each other and giving you good service. Everything is better if it is planned! 馃搮

At Reme Ant贸n we already have an open agenda and we are collecting appointments.

Call us to order yours or request it through our Facebook page. We will advise you on the most appropriate date and we will manage it so that you can have the suit you like the most available and prepared for the day of your First Communion.

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鈽庯笍 966 085 369

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