If you have an event coming up, wedding, baptism, communion, and this question is on your mind: When should I buy my party dress? , you are in luck, since, at Reme Antón in Alicante , we are happy to help you solve this question, which so often disturbs us, from our extensive experience in selling party dresses.

From our experience we want to point out that there is no mandatory fixed time to choose your ideal dress , but we do recommend that you choose it at least a month in advance , since if the party dress requires some retouching it is easier if we have time to fix it calmly and even do a second test.

The most common adjustments in this type of case are to adjust the length of the hem of the dress and adjust it to the body if there is any part that is too wide, or, on the contrary, if an area of ​​the dress overwhelms us or does not fit us enough. comfortable, loosen centimeters of fabric to achieve a perfect result.

To do this, we must take into account what shoes we are going to wear on that special day, in order to be able to adjust the dress to that size and thus achieve a good finish.

It is also important to check in advance where the wedding, baptism or event will be held. Normally we will know when we receive the invitation, this detail is another point that we must pay attention to when choosing when we are going to buy the party dress, since, depending on the place, we will select our guest look , because an event in on the beachfront than on a country estate, for example.

In the past, weddings were based only on a few patterns, and they used to be church weddings or events in places prepared for it, but currently the trend has changed and the possibilities of spaces are much more varied. Therefore, it is vital to know the place beforehand.

Thus, knowing the venue and, therefore, the style of the wedding to choose from, we can choose one model or another with more or less time. In a more informal setting, we can select printed dresses or tighter dresses , perhaps with some accessories, but with simple lines that are easier to find and also that feel good to us without retouching, because they are usually made with lycra or fabrics. that adapt to the silhouette, regardless of the type of body we have. This idea is suitable for boho weddings, where the countryside or special places such as industrial areas require more casual clothing and, therefore, without as much prior preparation. If we are attending a more traditional event, we must select a more careful guest look , with more accessories, which requires us to start looking at dresses more quickly, because if we want, for example, to choose a headdress, a bag or a shoe that matches the dress we must have the dress purchased before to better combine it with all the accessories.

Our recommendation is that you plan this task according to your availability, that is, if you see that, on weekends, for example, you are going to have more free time, then dedicate those days to start visiting stores, this is how you do it. calmly and without stress.

Furthermore, before starting to visit the stores, it would be ideal for you to look online to see different styles, which one best suits you, which one best suits the event you are having, etc. Afterwards, the safest and quickest option is to make an appointment, since trying on various clothes, looking at yourself carefully, selecting the accessories and enjoying the process takes time. In our store you can book your appointment from our website https:/ /remeanton.com/ in the appointment section, it is a simple procedure that saves us time and gives us peace of mind knowing what will be attended to correctly and with total dedication.

Finally, add that, as we have already mentioned, there is no exact date to start looking at dresses, each of you will spend more or less time, depending on whether you find your dress the first time or not, but it is essential to keep the premises in mind that we have highlighted so you can choose the perfect party dress , without rushing and turning this task into a beautiful, and not tedious, part of preparing for a special day.