Original communion decoration, 8 tips to avoid failure

The day of our children's first Communion is an important date that requires a lot of preparation, but it represents a bond of unity between the family that seeks the best for that special day. Among those tasks that are presented to us is that of selecting the best place to celebrate it and to bring together all our friends and family in order to spend a unique moment to share with everyone. There are many restaurants that offer their services, but... what if we are looking for something different, original and outstanding? Perhaps we have the answer to that question closer than we think and it is in our own home. A cozy place, ours and with the essence of family, that is, if we have enough space for it. Decoration is, then, our main objective, we must look for an original communion decoration that promotes the spirit of communions .

From Reme Antón in Alicante we offer you a series of tips so that decorating your girl's or boy's communion is an easy hobby and at the same time gives it that elegant and natural touch that we are looking for to achieve an original communion decoration .

Decoration tips for communion

1. If the house has an open space, garden, patio or terrace, we recommend that the celebration take place there, as it gives us the possibility of offering freshness, naturalness and a casual but elegant air, which is just what that our children denote on the day of their communion .

2. Following this idea of ​​celebrating outdoors, although also valid for indoors, an ideal resource that provides us with a great variety of colors is decoration with balloons. We can make thousands of shapes with them, from arches for guests to enter, to flowers, cartoon figures, or simply place them on the walls. The recommended colors would be gold, silver, white or yellow, although we can also adapt them to the rest of the colors used in the other elements of the decoration. It should be noted that an idea for an original communion decoration for a girl would be to use mauve, pink or green tones, pastel colors that are very fashionable in this early spring season. If it is a boy, we recommend different shades of green, blue, with light blue and aquamarine as favorites, or chocolate brown, as elegant as it is appetizing.

3. Another element to take into account if we want to achieve an original communion decoration is the decoration of the tables. They are one of the challenges to achieve, since all our guests will sit in them and enjoy the ornaments. For this reason, we advise you to use tablecloths in neutral colors, with sand or beige tones, that leave the other decorations the focus and offer us that feeling of cleanliness and calm. We can add coasters or yuste table runners, this material is widely used for communions, because it provides an elegant and casual air at the same time.

4. Special mention must be made of the sweets table , a table that cannot be missing from our communion, since children love it, and it also gives a touch of joy and sweetness to the room. It can be decorated with different colored containers, with wooden boxes in different sizes, glass jars decorated with colored stars or hearts, sweets of all colors and, we can make it personalized with different themes, from sports, video games, seaside atmospheres. , even princesses or with flowers and spring themes, typical of the tastes of children of communion age. In addition, it is an excellent location to leave a part of the candy table free to place the girl's or boy's communion gifts .

5. Decoration with candles : another ornament that gives us luminosity and elegance are candles, they are ideal for centerpieces and for decorating the entire room. We can place them hanging from the ceiling, which gives us a sophisticated and original look, on the floor, being careful to select the place well so that accidents do not occur. There are candles with messages that can be personalized for communion, with different aromas and different colors, which make them a sure hit in an original communion decoration .

6. Flowers are key when it comes to decorating , they are prepared at home or can be ordered ready to place on tables, in vases, or even in the form of wreaths or garlands to delight guests. They are also a communion gift for a girl or boy that is loved for their usefulness and freshness.

7. Original communion decoration with photos: an original idea that we propose is to locate a corner to hang photos of the protagonist of the day with their friends, family and other people important to them. If we use strips of rope, it will have a country, close and very original air that will evoke the memories of the boy or girl and also of the guests who will surely enjoy seeing themselves reflected in moments as special as the one they are experiencing in the communion day.

8. Paper can become a great ally to obtain an original, unique and fun communion decoration . It offers us a range of types of paper, such as crepe paper, silk, cardboard or ribbons, with which we can make garlands, cords, flowers, figures or even create original curtains to cover windows or to decorate our sweet table, it is an economic resource and that the boy or girl themselves can help in the communion decoration by creating the figures or placing the ribbons on the chairs or on the walls, which will make them feel special and participate in the preparation of their own celebration.

Finally, we can place a blackboard on an easel to welcome our guests and add information about where each one sits or put loving messages to thank them for coming. We can also place another one for the children to write their good wishes and congratulate the protagonist on his communion .

We hope that these tips have been useful to you, since at Reme Antón we offer you our extensive experience in all types of celebrations, being suppliers of the best designs in girls' and boys' communion dresses, so the other details are also important For us, your opinion and that of your little ones counts a lot.