Headbands, Headdresses and Communion Crowns, What to Choose?

The day of their first communion arrives and there are many preparations and details to take into account, especially in the case of girls.

One of the most important requirements is the choice of dress , but let's not forget the accessories that will be worn throughout the day, as a key piece of the look.

Many times the headdresses , diadems and crowns are optional, we at Reme Antón in Alicante help you choose the perfect accessory for the day of communion, in order to find what is most flattering and that gives that touch of distinction and personality to the selected outfit.

If you already have the dress, now we have to focus on the accessories and look for the accessory that will complete your communion look. A ccessories have the power to tremendously modify a wardrobe. Any accessory speaks about your personality, provides style, updates a design, and of course, not even our hair is saved when we have an accessory that, in addition to offering us that chic touch, is functional in all aspects.

The first thing we have to take into account when choosing accessories is the girl's hair. Depending on its length, color and type of hairstyle, we will have to look for the accessory option that would best match the entire outfit. The color of the Communion dress is also vital for making the right choice, since if the dress is sober it can be complemented with something more colorful and, if, on the contrary, we choose a dress with touches and drawings in bright colors, we must choose for a simple accessory that does not take away from the design.

Crowns , headbands and headdresses are very important , in fact, there are times that they end up being the center of attention in your girl's outfit, but be careful, a mistake in the choice of accessory can distort the communion dress.

We can opt for color details or floral accessories and thus give a unique and personal touch. Many mothers opt for simple dresses to be able to give more importance to accessories and create a unique look for their girl.

The problem with choosing accessories for your 2022 communion dress is that there is a lot of variety and you don't know which one will be the most suitable.

Here at Reme Antón we inspire you with these proposals for 2022 communion accessories.

Headbands are a recommended accessory , they are comfortable and adapt to all types of hairstyles, adorning them in all their versions, whether up, semi-up or loose. Many of you think that this option is very simple, but there is a great variety of original and perfect options for communion. The headbands are placed on the head vertically, in the front area. They are usually more discreet than crowns and tiaras , although there are tiaras for all preferences.

If headbands don't convince you, perhaps a headdress is the solution, they are more special hair accessories. Of course, the headdress must fit the girl's personality, so that she is comfortable at all times and feels that everything flows in her day.

There are different types of headdresses, you may not know which one goes best with your girl's communion dress 2022 , but a simple headdress that does not move is ideal so that the girl can play and not have to take it off. One of the most trendy headdress options are flower cascades , which are headdresses that are worn in semi-updos or updos to give personality to the look, turning a simple hairstyle into a more risky and elegant one. They are placed with hairpins that normally come already incorporated into the headdress or with small combs like the examples we show you below.

We leave you some very light headdresses with combs.


Flower crowns are one of the most demanded by girls, they are a trend in communions in 2022 .

It gives them a sweet and elegant look, flowers in soft tones are ideal. The tones being ocher, pastel and white (off white or neutral white) the most popular for wreaths. They normally have a light structure and are adaptable to girls' heads and the hairstyle you choose. Their fixation allows them to be placed in different ways, offering several options in hairstyle and position.

All our Spanish brands and manufacturers of 2022 communion dresses make the headdress, headband or crown to match the dress chosen by the girl. Carmy, Marla Crisbys, La Befana, Monserrat Lozano, Amaya, Las Meninas, Tata Solete, Lilus ... They use the same fabrics and colors in both the dress and the accessory so that they combine perfectly and thus shine on the day of communion .

If your daughter has long hair, she can wear any type of accessory, natural and loose hair will be what combines best, for example if we choose a large crown with a lot of color, wide and open waves can be very flattering on long hair, while with medium lengths and short hair we have to be cautious with the choice. If your daughter prefers to wear her hair up, for comfort or taste, the medium or small crown would be ideal to combine with a low herringbone braid, giving it a romantic and sophisticated touch on this special day.

To choose a headdress , headband or crown you have to know how active the girl is. Ideally, the accessory should be fixed with hooks so that it does not move throughout the celebration.

The colors of the accessories do not have to be striking, if the dress already has some decoration that stands out. On the contrary, if your choice is a simple dress, you can add a touch of stronger color.

We just have to wait for that day to arrive so that the girls can have a perfect look.

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