These Christmas dates are perfect for reconnecting with family and friends that we haven't seen for a long time, or simply, with whom we want to share unique moments, those special people who make our lives more enjoyable and happier. If, in addition, we want to have a detail with them, we have the ideal option so that your Christmas shopping is much more rewarding and you do not have to spend a fortune to satisfy your desire to surprise those you love most.

For this reason, we present the Alicante Commerce Bonus 2022 , from the Alicante City Council we want to encourage purchases in Alicante businesses in order to promote the growth of those establishments that work for and by citizens daily, filling the streets with life. from Alicante.

The voucher offers us the possibility of acquiring discounts to make our purchases in the municipality of Alicante. These bonuses could be obtained from December 5, 2022 or until December 22, 2022 . Such has been the success of the campaign that the purchase of bonds was sold out within a few hours of going on sale. Being, according to municipal sources, one of the best campaigns proposed to date. So we leave you all the information so that you can use them with complete safety and enjoy Christmas shopping and sales.

The discounts we will obtain will be the following:

-€20 Vouchers - Purchased for €10

-€50 Vouchers - Purchased for €25

-€100 Vouchers - Purchased for €50

-€200 Vouchers - Purchased for €100

The maximum amount that a person can purchase is €600, having to pay 50% of the value of the total amount.

All citizens over 18 years of age have been able to purchase their bonds; to do so, they only had to visit the website https://bonocomercioalicante.es and pay with your cards the amount you wanted.

After the purchase, you must install the BUY BONO app on your devices and access the consumer area with the ID and password selected when registering, click on “My bonuses” and the purchased bonuses and a QR corresponding to each one will appear.

Is it easy to use the Alicante Commerce Bonus 2022?

As you can see below, it is very simple, you just have to present the QR code to the seller and they will be in charge of reading the QR and making the relevant discount. The important thing is to keep in mind that the purchase amount must be equal to or greater than the amount we have purchased in the voucher; if there is a difference, it will be the customer who pays the remainder.

In which stores can I use my bonus?

To know where to go when using your vouchers you have to consult the website that the Alicante City Council has created for this, it is the following: https://bonocomercioalicante.es 

From this link you can check which establishments are part of this business activation program.

If your case is that you are a company and you are interested in joining the program, but the deadline has passed, you can still do so by visiting that same website. You have until December 22, 2022 to do so. Go ahead and don't just stare!

It is a unique opportunity to benefit from the advantages that local commerce provides to clients , offering us personalized treatment and advice; the possibility of buying directly or requesting home delivery, and we can enjoy different establishments, with original products, that we do not find everywhere and that help us promote the magic and excitement of Christmas .

Have no doubts and use your bonuses this Christmas 2022 , there are a large number of establishments that have already joined the bonus, there are bookstores, food stores, clothing stores, optical and hearing centers, shoe stores, hairdressers, drugstores, beauty centers, jewelry stores , copy shops, appliance and decoration stores, pharmacies, computer stores, hardware stores, toy stores, haberdashery stores, florists, bakeries, pet stores, among others.