The headdress, a very artistic accessory

The hairstyle in a ceremony is key to giving that touch to our flattering and different look, it is one more piece to show off our best clothes at that important event that we have nearby. We look and look at hairstyles to see which one to choose and which one best suits our face, our dress, and of course, our hair, since each one has a different type of hair, curly, straight, wavy, shorter, midi , long hair and so on etc. But... What do we do if we want to go further and decorate our hair in a groundbreaking, sophisticated and different way? At Reme Antón we have the solution and it is easier than you think. Bet on a headdress !

The next step is to give you some recommendations so that you know when to use it, where and what types there, so that we can find the best option for each of you, because the fundamental thing is that with everything we choose we feel like ourselves, following our style and enjoying it at all times, in addition, with comfort, an important characteristic because we will wear the headdress throughout the day.

Therefore, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that a headdress , according to protocol, for this type of events (especially weddings), we must wear it throughout the ceremony and subsequent party , which is why we noted before that it must be comfortable. . If, on the other hand, we wear a hat or pamela , we could take it off without violating any of the style rules .

Another detail to highlight is that headdresses and hats are accessories for weddings and daytime events. In these cases we can play with the size of the headdress or hat and make them larger. For evening weddings, it is better that we opt for headbands or flower ribbons, metal hairpins or some simple and very small headdress, since party dresses tend to be striking and use materials, such as sequins or feathers, that already attract attention for On their own, putting a headdress on them would only overload them more, losing elegance.

Normally, the protocol dictates that the headdresses be worn inclined towards the right side, the left side being the one reserved for gentlemen, they lead us by the arm on that side and thus we do not disturb their vision or cause collisions with them. Although, as we always say, it is not mandatory or imposed, each guest can choose the side that best suits her and her hair, it is only an appreciation to take into account, since some manufacturers make them to be worn on that side. right.

The time of year in which we are going to wear them is also important to analyze to choose the best materials. For example, in autumn and winter, it is best to choose felt and velvet, for their warmth and sophisticated air, while, for spring and summer, linen, raffia or tulle headdresses are the most flattering, since they They give us a fresh air with softer tones or brighter colors, in keeping with the wedding dresses of that time.

The place is another variant to consider, if the ceremony is celebrated on a beach or a garden we should opt for boater hats or flower headbands . If the event is in the city or in a hotel, it is best to wear headdresses or large hats with feathers, flowers and other decorations , glamorous for the occasion.

Types of headdresses

Once we have analyzed the basic premises when using the headdress in a celebration, we are going to help you get to know all the types of headdresses that there are and that we have at your disposal in our Reme Antón store in Alicante or through our website: .

  • Pamelas : they are the headdress par excellence, preferably for daytime weddings, they are usually used more in the spring-summer season , since one of their functions is to protect us and our makeup from the heat of the sun, although we can wear them at any time. season. It is essential to note that the ideal is to wear them as a complement to midi dresses , so fashionable in this 2022 season , or with suits or jumpsuits, but we do not advise you to wear a hat with a dress above the knee, as it shortens the length. figure.

  • Flower headbands : we can also find them made into crowns, ribbons or simply loose flowers in the hair, they are the most combinable headdresses, since we can choose the size and color of the flowers according to our guest look and how to place them, being able to look for different ones. positions. One of the novelties that we want to highlight are the versions with a grille , they are the most elegant option in a retro style.

  • Boater hats : they are natural-colored hats, also known as gondolier or Venetian hats, they are usually decorated with flowers or small colored ribbons. It is created from natural-colored braided straw, black ribbon, with a flat crown and short brim. It is special to give a vintage air to our look. We can wear it with all types of dresses, jumpsuits or suits, preferably in neutral colors in which the boater hat stands out.
  • Caps: Plate or cap type headdresses are placed at an angle and only cover part of the head. They are usually held by an invisible headband or comb and their decoration consists of brooches, fabrics, flowers or feathers. This type of headdress gives a sophisticated and elegant air that goes with any guest look. They are perfect for pencil skirt and tight dresses, they give a different touch without overloading the outfit.

Once this brief review is done, we have all the keys to show off one of the star accessories of this season, the headdress. An art that is performed with delicacy and prepared with care to satisfy the tastes of our clients, so visit us and we will show you our headdresses, we have a wide variety in our Reme Antón store in Alicante .