In pants and with style, guide on how to combine them and choose the one that suits you best

Tired of always wearing the same jeans? Are you looking for an alternative to the dress? Better in pants for the office? If all those questions come to mind and you want to find different looks with pants , this is your article.

It is important to recognize the different types of women's pants on the market to see which one best suits you or adapts to your needs.

For this reason, at Reme Antón we are going to analyze this selection of pants, looking at the models of this 2022-2023 season , so that we have an idea of ​​the wide catalog of types of women's pants that exist.

They are the following:

  • Skinny jeans :

Also known as skinny, they are a tight model that is in trend, and it is very likely that every woman has this model of pants in her possession, since they fit close to the body and are a comfortable and elegant option. They can be made of any type of material, from denim to leather or lycra. They are elastic, which promotes mobility.

These skinny pants are the most sought after by women in recent years, as they attract a lot of attention.

With them you can create a multitude of looks, because it is very easy to combine them with any type of garment on the top, such as a sweater, bodysuits, shirts, crop-tops, among others, and on the bottom, any type. The shoes look great, if you want a more informal look we recommend some sports shoes or sneakers or boots, while if you are looking for a more elegant look, high-heeled shoes or high sandals are ideal, to stylize the silhouette even more, since Being a model that is fitted from the waist to the ankles, it achieves a sensation of infinite legs that will delight anyone.

Skinny pants are suitable for all events, if they are needed for a party, just by putting on some heels, as we have mentioned, and a sequined top or bodysuit (the rage of this fall/winter season ) on top you would have an elegant and trendy outfit. On the contrary, if it is a more relaxed and informal event, they can also be worn with more casual shoes and thus go perfectly together.

  • Straight pants :

This model is one of the most timeless women's pants that exist, they do not go out of style and are highly acclaimed by trend followers. Straight pants can be made of different materials: denim , corduroy or any light fabric, and we also find them in various shades, choosing the one that we like the most or that suits us best.

It is another model that is very easy to combine, since we can use t-shirts, blouses, tops or bodysuits, depending on the style we want to show off that day, just as happens with shoes, any type would be good for us, from boots or sports shoes for a simple and all-terrain look with heels or ankle boots for a more special outfit.

  • Flared trousers :

Flared pants are the rage of this 2022-2023 season in terms of fashion, we are once again rescuing the maximum trend of the 70s with flared pants, also recovering the heyday they had in the 90s after the first boom, to wear them in any event or outing we have. Their shape fitted to the knee, and opening into a bell from there, makes them an ideal option to stylize the body.

They are available in various types of fabric, although the most popular choice is jeans in different shades, with rips, with fringes at the bottom, with open bells... We have thousands of types of bell-bottom pants to choose the one that best suits us. have fun and we like it.

  • Baggy pants:

This model has oriental inspiration, the types of baggy or bloomers are tight at the waist, with a lot of volume in the leg and tight at the ankle, they are ideal for lovers of comfort, if you don't like to wear tight, this type of pants for women is your best option. They are made of airy fabrics and usually have colorful prints, providing a fresh and different, risky air. They are perfect for the summer season due to their airy fabrics. In addition, they fit very well, because they do not stick to any part of the body and hide the hips.

  • Cargo pants:

Their main feature is that they have a more or less large pocket or pockets on the side of the thigh. Its creation was based on military uniforms, giving rise to pants with an urban and informal style . Our choice is to choose them in earthy colors, such as beige, brown or military green, to preserve their essence and that masculine touch that we feel like wearing from time to time.

If we are after achieving a groundbreaking look, this is our style of pants, since by combining it with a short, tight top or with a t-shirt with a knot at the waist, we manage to set the trend and escape from traditional outfits, if, in addition, We use it with military boots, attracting attention is guaranteed. They can be a very sexy option if we dare to combine them.

  • Tights or leggings:

There is nothing more pleasant than putting on some leggings and going out, we take on the world, since we are comfortable, safe and stylish. We must abandon the idea that they are only for sports use, because they are ideal with long sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets to wear on a daily basis. It is true that we have numerous sports models that delight lovers of running and going to the gym with a sexy and different outfit, but there is life beyond this option.

Most leggings are made of cotton or other soft fabrics, so they provide great mobility and are really comfortable to wear, especially for walking or traveling, where we seek to spend the day without stopping.

As we mentioned, a very interesting idea is to combine this type of pants with a long t-shirt or jacket and some sneakers, or if you need a more elegant look to go out partying at night, you can wear them with an elegant blouse and a blazer, accompanied of some heels or booties.

  • Capri pants :

This type of pants is originally from the Capri Islands, hence their name, and, as is characteristic of an island, they evoke the sea and fishermen, which is why their mid-leg length, without reaching the ankle, exceeds the knee.

They are a different selection, which we can use on countless occasions, both with shirts and T-shirts and opting for sneakers or heels if the occasion requires it. Remember the 50s and 60s and become a true pirate!

  • Jogger pants :

Joggers are one of the essential pants for every woman. They are related to the sporty look, but the latest trends and influencers of the moment are reminding us that this is not the case, that they are a safe choice for other types of more formal and party environments.

It is a model of women's pants that has elastic in the ankle area, which allows us to highlight our legs and show off our ankles and feet if we opt for a good heel or a ballerina (a trend in shoes this season).

Before they were only used for sports or exercise, but that has changed and we have a different version of these pants and we choose them to go out for a walk, meet up with friends or make some informal plan.

Its best combination is found when wearing joggers with tops, crop tops, t-shirts or polos and with sneakers, if they are white much better, since they are the rage of the season and adapt to all shades.

  • Shorts :

This type of pants offers us many possibilities, since they can not only be used in summer, but we also have models made of corduroy, leather or thicker fabrics that are ideal to wear with tights or tights and long boots. Especially, this last option makes our legs look more elongated and we achieve that visual effect of a few extra centimeters.

In summer we use them to get a tan and as a cool and comfortable model, but as we have seen, they are also a wise purchase for the colder months.

  • High waisted pants:

High-waisted pants are a rising model this season; they are ideal for hiding the belly and stylizing the silhouette. We find them in numerous fabrics, being able to choose the one that suits us best or that we like, from denim to lycra.

Looks with high-waisted pants are very common, since we can select a blazer with a lingerie shirt and heels and achieve an ideal evening look , or opt for a t-shirt with drawings and sneakers with a sweatshirt, achieving a perfect casual look to go to work or for a walk.