It's your day, that special one that makes your heart vibrate with emotion and you don't want to fail, you want to have that detail with your partner that makes him always remember that unforgettable moment, that he doesn't forget that you thought of him and that you put all your effort into it. get something that truly excites you, but ... What to give on the wedding day? At Reme Antón we are going to help you get that special present with which to once again demonstrate your love and desire to go further by having a detail at the wedding.

We look for originality, surprise and what better idea to address these two areas than opting for a personalized gift , it could be cufflinks engraved with both of your initials or with the wedding date, this way you would always remember that detail and it would remain engraved for memory every time you use them. On our website we have at your disposal a large collection of cufflinks that adapt to all types of personalities and that would be a good purchase for this purpose. We leave you the link in case you want to take a look at them: collections/men-accessories .

Also, following in the wake of personalized gifts, it could be a good option to give him a watch with your initials or the date engraved on the back of the dial. Keep in mind that it meets their tastes: colors, material, style, reflecting their personality, but at the same time makes them remember a day that they will want to live again forever, it will be a great surprise on the wedding day .

An original gift, with magic and that you can always use, is a book in which you are the protagonists , that tells your story from the beginning to the wedding day.

It can be in paper format, because it lasts forever and you can do it yourself, cutting out photos and creating small notes with messages of important moments, phrases that reflect your story or fun emoticons that show your secret messages. You can also create a story or comic with your story. Another option is to opt for an interactive book or flipbook that contains drawings that change from one page to the next, so that when you turn quickly it appears that the images animate, simulating movements or changes. They are more attractive, accessible and very customizable.

Another interactive option is the creation of a video with images of you and your families that shows your evolution as a couple and those unforgettable moments that will always be present through this short film. The key to success is to find a creative path different from the most used ones : how about a succession of photos to the rhythm of a personalized song with your phrases? Think of something that will exceed your groom's expectations and prepare a fun video for the wedding day .

Fireworks are spectacular to put a surprising and special note on your day, they are a perfect gift for the groom , since they are a display of light and color that everyone likes. When everyone is dancing and he thinks that everything that had to happen has already happened, you can take him outside, with a loving note, outdoors to enjoy the visual spectacle of fireworks.

Some tickets are also a nice gift for the groom, they can be for the concert of his favorite group or artist, for a show that he likes or for a sporting event that he is excited about. A different getaway, with a long-awaited destination or a new improvised trip can be other alternatives that are ideal as a gift on your day.

Another gift that can delight more than one boyfriend who wants to party is a beer with a label wrapped in a wooden box completely personalized with his name and the format you want for your boyfriend, with accessories such as, for example, a wooden opener or a box of wines of gastronomic value with its glasses with your initials, a symbol of the new beginning you are undertaking.

Finally, we can also surprise our couple when they arrive at the ceremony, since they can rent a horse carriage , if they are an animal lover, or a vintage car , if they are passionate about the world of motors, or, even an old motorcycle so that it reaches the altar in an original and glamorous way.

There are many options that we have in our hands and with any of them we are going to be right if we prepare it with love and enthusiasm, the important thing is that we have dedicated time to the person we love and that already shows how much we care, Sometimes with a simple look we have already given the greatest gift. We hope that we have been of help and entertainment to you.

We encourage you to visit us and see everything we have at Reme Antón, in Alicante , at your disposal!