One of the most important moments in your children's lives is approaching, their communion and mothers are also protagonists that day, since they are the fundamental piece in this puzzle that is designed for our little ones to enjoy and have an unforgettable celebration.

To be the perfect 2022 communion mother, follow our advice and you will shine with an ideal look that day.

Dresses are the most popular option, there are countless models and shapes. The ideal would be short cocktail-style dresses , excellent for daytime celebrations such as communions.

From Reme Antón in Alicante we will show you all the dress options that you can wear that day, we encourage you to read our article in order to discover some more details to stand out at this type of events.


1.-Choose MIDI cut dress

A daytime event has short dress protocols and the latest trend is the midi .

The midi dress is known for offering us a medium cut, it is one that reaches above the ankles, but below the knees. These types of dresses have existed since 1950 when the glamorous movie stars of the time dared to wear a dress that enhanced their feminine silhouette.

That is why it is an excellent option, in the communion season the weather is harmonious and allows the use of this type of dresses that highlight the figure, but meet the appropriate length for these religious celebrations.


On that date the weather is unstable and usually varies from one day to the next, so it is recommended that the dress be neither too revealing nor too warm. The length of the sleeve is a very important detail to take into account in this type of celebration, since the protocol requires that sleeveless dresses not be worn and if they are worn, a blazer or bullfighter must be incorporated into the look for the moment of celebration. the ceremony. Both sleeves, both the short and the elbow, are very suitable and refine the silhouette of the arms, revealing the thinnest part of the arm.

3.-Look DISCREET but very elegant. Our recommendation is that you select neutral and discreet colors . We must not forget that the protagonists of this day are the boys and girls. You can also choose to choose a dress with prints , but these should not be very flashy or garish, since we would lose the elegance that a celebration like this requires. As a change, it is preferable to leave behind dark colors such as black, brown or navy blue, although they can always be combined with the appropriate accessories and make them stand out if our preferences are in those simpler color ranges.

We must stand out from the other guests, but without falling into overloading or overly elaborate looks that overshadow the personality of the person wearing it.

4.-As for headdresses, the HEADBANDS

They are the only headdress allowed, you can put a discreet and elegant headband so as not to weigh down the final look. They are suitable for all types of hair, but, in particular, they stand out in long hair, with loose waves and a natural appearance, enhancing that simplicity and elegance that we want to give to our communion mom styling. The greatest advantage of headbands is that they prevent our hair from hiding our face and allow us to look clear without the slightest difficulty or discomfort. It makes us feel safer, without fear that it will fall out at any time or that we will not be able to attend to our needs. children when they need it.


Yes to discreet metallic accessories, so we don't burden the set. If we opt for jewelry accessories, we will divert all the attention towards them, downplaying the importance of the set we have selected. These are more suitable for other types of events, such as weddings, where excess shine does not matter, especially if they are for the evening. evening.

6.-HAIRSTYLE AND MAKEUP, discreet and very natural,

Since these communion events are in the morning, seeing us with very marked makeup and super elaborate hairstyles will make us look excessive, even with the feeling of not recognizing ourselves, of not being ourselves, so we opt for loose hair with waves. and casual updos can be the perfect solution to achieve the appropriate naturalness and simplicity that highlights our features without excesses.

Of all the events we can have throughout the year, the communion It may be the most complicated thing unlike weddings, but more and more communion moms You opt for simple and minimalist looks.

Go for simple dresses that are knee-length or below the knee, you will always look very feminine.

Always choose your dress based on the event you have, not everything goes and specifically, in the 2022 communions we will see many minimalist outfits, both in accessories and hairstyles, following the premise of less is more, seeking perfection through of simplicity and naturalness, worthy of the best styling.

In Reme Antón in Alicante We have the best brands so you can choose from all of them: Nati Jiménez, Susana Rivieri, Carher, Rinascimento…

Although we have focused on the dresses Mainly, we must not miss the opportunity to comment on the strong tendency of jacket suits with fluid fabrics that are going strong, being for us, after the dress, the second most appropriate look for a communion.

For those of you who are unconditional of dresses, just add that with such a variety of shapes that designers offer us, you will have no problem finding your ideal model, whether with puffed sleeves, pencil skirt or A-line.

Every woman has her ideal of the perfect dress, don't worry anymore and visit us at Reme Antón, in Alicante, we will take care of finding it, you just have to come and enjoy seeing yourself dressed by the best brands.