And when April comes, the nerves and rush begin to get the best look of 2023 to accompany us at the next event we have, which is none other than a communion . Because as we all know, these months are months of communions, the quintessential event of spring, in which mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, friends and other family members look for our dress to shine in this harmonious and special party. It is known to all that a communion is not a wedding, but that does not make it any less important, and although the looks should be simpler and in accordance with the protocol, we do not have to settle for anything.

From our experience we want to offer you some recommendations that will make you show off your best 2023 communion look .

First of all, our goal should be a short or midi dress, a jumpsuit or a two-piece suit, either pants or skirt, since, as we have mentioned before, it is not a wedding, so we must avoid tones. very dark with a lot of shine, with overly ornate or strident details and long dresses, typical of other types of ceremonies.

We must also keep in mind that it is a daytime celebration, which is celebrated in spring, so let's give life to our looks with soft colors, pastel tones and also bright colors such as orange, pink, red, green... .



The one-sleeve neckline is causing a sensation this spring, it stylizes the body and shapes the figure, as it gives a harmonious sensation to the figure. If, in addition, the sleeve is puffed or with some type of floral decoration, the romantic style takes over our look. Combined with a 2023 trend color such as orange or mint green, we would still be a trendy crush. Prints are also great allies for this type of dress, which together with a midi cut would be a rounded look.


This type of dresses adorned with embroidery in different tones and fabrics, where flowers reign, are ideal for achieving a 100% reusable 2023 look , because it allows us to change the accessories and adapt it to other events and ceremonies, for example: for communion I can wear it with high heels or sandals and then with another super trend like espadrilles to give it a more informal touch for a concert or a country party. The embroidery makes them handmade pieces and gives us that retro air that is so outstanding for an event like this.


This type of V-shaped neckline is very flattering, creating a slimmer and longer silhouette. It enhances the neck, lengthening its vision, which stylizes the entire figure and is ideal for hiding a large chest. Our recommendation is to choose a fuchsia or a magenta, both shades are trending in 2023 .


What better way to stand out in spring than to choose a floral print dress, they are timeless, elegant, cheerful and in good harmony with the mantra: “Less is more.” If we add airy fabrics, with slight pleats and light textures, we make a memorable combo, which makes us mark curves with comfort and without stridency. We can opt for a darker background color, such as red or green, and a print in pastel tones, such as beige or white, which will add freshness to our communion look. Extra point if we combine it with sandals or espadrilles in nude color and a handbag in these shades.


The satin models are a success this spring/summer 2023 season , they offer us a sophisticated, comfortable and striking look, depending on the color we select we will open our range, opting for more suggestive tones, such as green or red, or more discreet tones, like beige or powder pink. We can combine them with a blazer if the satin dress has straps, or wear it as is if we buy a long-sleeved model, which is still allowed, because the temperatures are not too high in these months. Choose a powerful accessory , such as a jeweled shoe or a necklace and you will get the perfect outfit.


The two-piece option is a safe bet, it allows us to combine it with a lingerie top or silk or satin shirt, achieving a trendy look that makes us forget about whether our legs are tanned or not, what stockings to wear or whether we favors the cut of the dress.

At Reme Antón, they are selected because they are elegant, classic, with subtle trendy touches that make the two pieces very special garments.


Shirt dresses are versatile, comfortable and make us feel that we are acquiring a useful and wearable garment, since they are perfect for a communion and for summer nights. They allow us to add a belt made of different fabric or in different shades to break up the look and combine them with shoes of all kinds, from mules to stilettos, including espadrilles.


They are gaining more and more followers, since their flexibility and comfort conquer us, they also stylize the figure and make us gain a few extra centimeters. Trouser jumpsuits offer us thousands of look possibilities, depending on the top part of the design, from puffed sleeves, heart-shaped necklines, thin straps, short or half sleeves, crossover neckline, with gathering at the waist or with wide leg or ankle. There are multiple styles and models that will help us find a different, elegant look with a lot of Flow.


Another wonderful alternative to wear to communions is the skirt and blouse set. With this choice you will achieve a stylish as well as elegant look for these types of occasions. This selection allows us to mix different styles and types of fabrics, being a powerful model to reuse at any time.

With these recommendations you will be able to set the trend and be an ideal communion guest . We invite you to keep an eye on our social networks and our website to discover our new collection. We are waiting for you!