The best communion hairstyles for girls in 2022

The 2022 Communions are here and in addition to the dress and accessories: shoes, earrings or bracelets that girls can wear, the hairstyle is very important when it comes to completing the perfect look.

Communion day for a girl is one of the most important moments in her life and choosing the hairstyle and dress are the elements that will give a unique touch to the communion look and make it unforgettable.

The most important thing is that the hairstyle is easy to wear so that girls feel comfortable .

Generally, first Communion dresses are decorated with flowers, lace and embroidered strips that symbolize all the good works that the girl has done. The dress must be completed with a beautiful hairstyle .

Communion dress with pretty hairstyle

Therefore, below we propose some hairstyles so that they look radiant on the day of their first Communion and the girls feel like modern or fairy tale princesses.

They are generally semi-updo that allows them to be comfortable without their hair bothering them and to which different details can be added.

Half gathered for communion dress

The semi-updo at the nape of the neck is ideal for long hair.

Semi-updo communion hairstyle nape height

For classic dresses , the perfect hairstyle is buns and high updos . These will make the girl look like a princess and the ideal complement for this hairstyle is a tiara or a headband.

Hairstyle with headband for communion dress

Straight or curly hair with movement and with or without waves, never stops being in fashion and combines all types of looks and dresses, for them it is ideal to place a flower crown, tiara or headband as well as long bows or other headdresses. that add the perfect touch and bring tenderness to the girl, making them have a unique hairstyle.

Headband for girl's communion dress

Braids , from the most classic to the roots or spikes, are always flattering and girls are always well-combed and with a clear face.

Communion hairstyle with braids

Girls with short hair can also wear pretty hairstyles with mini pigtails or braids or wear it down giving it a natural look decorated with some accessories: small flowers, headdresses ... to get a fresh and sophisticated look.

Communion hairstyle for girls with short hair

If we decide not to go to the hairdresser and comb their hair at home , we can make them small twists decorated with flowers . You can curl their hair a little with curling irons, especially the ends, and the twists at the top of the hair can be fixed with hairpins. at the height of the temple.

With the dress, hairstyle and accessories chosen, we only need the day of the first Communion to arrive to see them radiant.