With the heat, the high temperatures and the longer days we want to go out more, enjoy the outdoors, the beach, in short, spend our time living with quality, getting excited about our surroundings, with new summer destinations, trips or celebrations that fill us with memories and happy moments. For all those moments we like to look cute, feel comfortable and, above all, be fashionable , follow trends and connect with the world. To do this, we will follow the instructions of the spring-summer 2023 fashion experts, who will help us choose the fabrics, colors, prints and designs that we like the most, feeling beautiful inside and out. Here we propose, from Reme Antón , some of the trends that are causing a sensation this spring season.


In this new season the flowers arrive stomping, yes, you read that correctly, the flowers. They seem like a cliché every spring, but in 2023 they are here to stay. There is nothing like a floral print dress to brighten our day. We can buy them in all colors, but pastel colors predominate, accompanied by Greek-style sandals or the famous crab sandals for a walk on the beach or an aperitif at the restaurant. beach bar or with a wedge sandal to give a touch of height to our design at a night party. Also, they are ideal with a sandal tied to the ankle that will delight with this combination of a vaporous flower dress 2023 for a wedding or a daytime communion. And we not only opt for flowers as a print, we seek to use them as 3D decorations that decorate our party outfits , on the shoulders, in the neckline or on an infinite back, all to achieve this cheerful, dynamic and latest trend floral touch. in spring-summer 2023 fashion .

We propose taking romanticism to the maximum with puffed sleeves, flares and soft colors.


If we want to give it that fresh, light and moving touch we must include ruffles in our wardrobe. Although they are ideal for all types of clothing, we are left with the sensations they produce in skirts and dresses, especially long skirts, perfect for both day and night events. In addition, they provide us with volume if we add them in the hip area if our silhouette has the shape of an inverted triangle , a poorly defined waist or very thin legs.


It wouldn't be fashion if we didn't seek to innovate and investigate new styles, so this spring-summer 2023 we have to sign up for transparencies, whether in dresses or skirts. Suggesting through different fabrics that show or allow the skin to be intuited is pure trend.

We can incorporate transparencies into our garments and adapt them to the heat with very fine fabrics such as satin or chiffon, which are usually so light that they lead us to invisibility, to the elegant touch, which shows without showing, with class and sophistication.


Fringe is another of the trends for 2023, it gives us freshness, movement and that striking visual effect that it creates when walking. Our favorites are the fringed skirts and the asymmetrical fringed dress, both styles dominate the top spots as the most flattering guest looks.


Another trend is the incorporation of feathers in our events, especially in spring-summer 2023 weddings . They give us that sophistication that can only be achieved with them, they are instant glamour. We advise you that if the dress has feathers we do not overload the accessories or if, on the contrary, we opt for a sober look , we give it the touch of class with a bold, feather bag in a powerful color to brighten the look.


Distinction and elegance are governed by skirts, two key trends this season are knee-length skirts or, also known as midaxi, and pencil-type designs. Leaving miniskirts behind, we achieve a more comfortable and sophisticated look with this skirt size that is back to stay.

They can be pencil style or made of airy fabrics, both models are ideal to show off with chic minimalist style sandals, with straps, thus enhancing our silhouette and offering us a few extra centimeters to stylize our figure to the maximum.

In short, check out what awaits us in this next season: flowers, pastel colors, light fabrics, transparencies and thin sandals .