Nati Jiménez, an icon in the world of fashion

At Reme Antón in Alicante we select with delicacy and great care all the garments that we acquire for our store and that we offer to our clients to obtain surprising, elegant and top quality fabrics and finishes that will delight all those who choose us to dazzle in any event. For this reason, we surround ourselves with designers and brands that give us the opportunity to offer these characteristics that we are looking for, with their dedication and dedication, they make their creations just what we are all looking for.

Hence, this article, the recognition of one of the flagship designers, for whom we feel admiration and pride for having the pleasure of having her designs in our fashion store in Alicante . The designer we are referring to is Nati Jiménez, for her elegance and dedication to the world of weddings, taking care of every last detail of her bridesmaid dresses, for weddings , communions , baptisms and other events.

Nati Jimenez Workshop

What is Nati Jiménez?

Nati Jiménez is a fashion company that is dedicated to the wholesale design and manufacturing of all types of party and ceremony clothing for young people and women. Its headquarters are in Spain, with its own workshop and other external collaborators for ironing, cutting and sewing, in which all the brand's designs are created. Its location in our country makes it possible to take care of even the smallest detail, reviewing All dresses are carefully crafted to offer our customers the highest quality at an unbeatable price.

Nati Jiménez began to achieve her dream in 2007, when she joined an excellent group of workers who accompany her to this day to create fashion, at that moment she created her company and her imagination began to fly.

His perseverance and good work have made his company present not only in our country, but also in Portugal, Italy, Malta, Ireland and the United Kingdom, where Nati Jiménez is a recognized and prestigious brand.

There are numerous collections that he has designed following his ideas and dreams, offering exquisite, elegant, sober and functional designs, these being the fundamental lines that we can find in all of his proposals. Nati Jiménez , so that whoever chooses and wears them can look great and feel like herself, with her personality and her desire to shine. Furthermore, their dresses are creations accessible to anyone, since their sizes range from size 38 to 48 and from 48 to 58 . Therefore, all women, regardless of the type of figure they have, can enjoy their designs.

Nati Jimenez godmother outfits

Their creations of bridesmaid dresses stand out, with elegant tulle and lace, the modern and formal jacket suits for women , the short dresses , ideal for cocktails and daytime celebrations, due to their cut and their fresh and striking colors or their long dresses , of chiffon, tulle, pronounced necklines and backs, highlighting the female figure, its potential and exquisiteness with simple but original and delicate lines. They are collections designed for any time of the year, changing the models with each season and adapting the creations to the latest fashion guides.

At Reme Antón in Alicante we are happy to have their designs and we invite you to visit our website, , where you can enjoy their models and choose the one you like the most, and, of course, we are waiting for you. in our store in Alicante so that you can try them on and feel the quality and elegance that Nati Jiménez offers us, a story told through her dresses, a dream fulfilled with Spanish roots and with a team of professionals who work hard every day to May our dreams also come true. Below we give you more details of how the brand was created step by step and the details that make it stand out in the world of fashion.

How was Nati Jiménez's work team formed?

The Nati Jiménez brand has evolved over time to have a great team of fashion specialists who are exclusively dedicated to creating new designs with which to surprise and enhance the figure of women.

Nati began her professional career at Iván Moda, she was the designer and held this position for 15 years, working as a designer and pattern maker.

Until 2003, she decided to talk to her boss to design on her own in order to manufacture her own designs and sell them through the Iván Moda store with the Iván Moda label, but she bought the fabrics and made the designs. .

Kati by Nati Jimenez

After this first step, she decided to create her own company with Cati, who had also been a designer at Iván Moda for 18 years. January 2, 2007 being the key date, the moment when the new company was founded, with the name Nati Jimenez and its own headquarters.

At first Nati started working, along with two other people. In March of that year, one more worker joined as a store clerk and at the end of that same year, a cutter and another girl who was a reviewer were hired.

Two more people were gradually added to the staff, a total of 6-7 people at the beginning of 2007, and in 2008 two more people were hired to strengthen the staff and provide better service.

Nati Jimenez Workshop

It all started when Nati rented a small place for a year, due to the growth of the business, it soon became too small and he decided to rent a warehouse, coincidentally one day he was driving, saw a rental sign and called, it was a warehouse with an option to purchase, and he thought it was the best option to expand his business and expand his creations.

Tools and processes in the development of designs

The place selected for the creation of the designs is the cutting workshop, where the designs are marked.

Once they moved to the first warehouse, they were able to expand the tools to design in a more detailed and efficient way, incorporating a cutting cart, a board where garments are cut, and specialized cutters, as well as sewing machines.

Cut Nati Jimenez

These being the fundamental instruments that changed and perfected the way of working in the workshop, therefore it is important to know how these small details made Nati Jiménez now a brand of international prestige.

What inspires Nati Jiménez to design her party dresses?

Nati Jiménez dresses are current, but maintaining their essence, keeping that seal of identity that makes them unique and special, there are several types of dresses that are created, we want to highlight that they are specialized in the designs of bridesmaid dresses , piece key in any self-respecting celebration, giving you the opportunity to shine and feel fulfilled and impressive.

For Nati Jiménez , the important thing is her clients, since, although they are very aware of the latest fashion trends, she is faithful to what her clients want and ask from the brand, offering them a quality product, focused on their total satisfaction.

As a final culmination, I would add that Nati Jiménez's dreams do not end here, always with humility and building everything step by step, as until now, with effort and dedication, with the client being the central axis of the process, putting great care in their attention and always offering the best, taking care of even the smallest detail to provide an exclusive and quality service.

Above all, Nati Jiménez seeks to continue growing, but not at any price, but with a view to prosperity and using the self-financing acquired through its own sales, its objective being the effort and satisfaction of achieving its desires for a transparent way and enjoy the process, taking care of every movement to move forward safely.

Nati Jimenez Facade

As a firm and as human beings we try to give the best of each one, they strive to fulfill and satisfy customers, as we have already added before, they are the force that moves them to continue creating, innovating and designing party dresses that denote the passion for fashion and the search for fulfilling dreams and making them come true to show them off on the most special days.

The key is in her team, in which friendship and trust reign, being for Nati fundamental values ​​in her brand, these values ​​are what have placed her in the place she is today, helping her to achieve everything she wants. proposes and offering us its best version through its designs.

From Reme Antón in Alicante we hope that you found it interesting to know a little more about one of our designers, with the aim of you getting to know in depth the creators of our designs and the importance of knowing the great effort and dedication behind our dresses .