Bride and groom, guests and parties. Don't miss the men's trends for 2024!

Men's fashion for events is more on than ever! This year, trends for grooms, guests and those who plan to steal the show at parties are making noise with fresh cuts, unique details and a touch of fun.

Classic suits are taking an unexpected turn. Goodbye to monotony! Contrast lapels, personality buttons and other unique touches are giving life to outfits that scream individuality. Although this isn't the year for basics, classic suits in navy or black are always a yes. If you are more traditional, opt for this type of suit and include some fun element in the tie, it's time to stand out!

Earth and neutral tones are the biggest trend for suits. Think beige, camel and gray. Because? Because these colors are not only elegant but also versatile. It's like having a blank canvas to combine with other elements of your outfit and voilà!, you'll be ready to rock.

And speaking of combinations, the textures will be perfect this season, go for linen or even velvet. You will be the undisputed star of any event!

But guys, don't underestimate the power of footwear. From shoes with unique details to elegant sneakers, the choice of footwear is like the icing on the cake for your outfit. This year, there are no excuses not to stand out from head to toe.

Whether you are about to say "yes", you are the friend who always leaves an impression in the photos or you simply want to steal attention at the party, this is your year to shine with your own style.