The 6 best tie knots. Why and how to do them?

For a lover of elegance and good taste when dressing formally and choosing the most special accessories, one of the most recurring questions that may come to mind would be: How did the idea of ​​wearing a tie come about? We have the answer if we delve into the story that tells us that it arose in Croatia, in the 17th century in the 30 Years' War, when women tied a red scarf, as a symbol of their love, to the light cavalry soldiers. , something like our current engagement ring.

Its use spread throughout Europe, the French royal guard was fascinated by these red bands, which were worn on their uniforms, made of linen by soldiers and silk by officers.
It was Georges Brummell, the first English dandy, to devise the modern suit with a tie at the neck, promoting the tie as a sign of distinction.

If you want to shine at a wedding, graduation or other event, your image will highlight the first, with an ideal suit, shoes and vest, and the second, you should not overlook the tie, it is usually the key point of the outfit, fashions are temporary, but the tie will always be an elegant and formal accessory, ideal for the most elegant and distinguished looks, the tie serves to attract attention with a model of risky drawings, for example, or to give a touch of color to the suit or Simply to give that sophisticated touch to a plain minimalist shirt.

At Reme Antón we are going to tell you everything about ties , the best-known knots and when to use them, so that you can choose what your ideal style is and have no doubts when choosing this ideal accessory for any event.

There are many types of tie knots , almost one for each occasion, they could be classified by symmetry, aesthetics, execution and size, below we explain the most popular ones.

Classic tie knot

This one, also called American, is the most common of all, it is simple and it is what we all learn when we are young, the knot can be thick or thin, and the edge of the tie has to reach waist level.

The Windsor Knot

This is based on the four-hand knot, it is indicated for wide ties with thick fabric, a triangle-shaped knot is left, this model goes well with wide-necked shirts. The Windsor knot or English knot is considered the most elegant tie knot that we can use for any formal occasion, and it is the simplest that we can get even to go to the office.

Four in hand knot

This tie knot is perfect for less formal occasions and for work, it is quite narrow and visually lengthens the neck. This model gives very little volume and adapts to all types of shirts .

The Simple/Oriental Knot

This one has fewer steps and is easy to learn.

It is a compact knot and works well with thick ties , they are ideal for tall men who need more length.

The bow tie knot

At the end of the 19th century the bow tie was worn with a tuxedo or tails.

Currently, it is used on formal occasions , but in the last decade its daily use is gaining popularity to obtain a less formal look than ties but without losing elegance.

The Tie

This type of tie is reserved for the protagonists of the event , such as the groom or best man, these usually come with the knot already tied since they are more imaginative, they come already made.

Now that we know the most popular knots, we give you some tips to wear a tie with style .

• Ideally, the tie should reach the waist of the pants, neither above nor below.

•The tie will always be darker than the shirt, but there are always exceptions, ties of a single color are easier to combine, for example, a black tie is ideal for special events or for any Saturday.

• If you opt for prints, wear them with simple shirts; blue, black or gray are essential.

•The width of the tie is usually 5cm, 8cm and 9.5cm, the wider it is, the more formal it is, to achieve a classic look the width will be equal to the lapel of the suit. The narrow ones are to be more casual, the 8cm ones are ideal for any event, we will always take into account the size of our body, if you are corpulent, a thin tie does not flatter you, opt for a wide one and if you are thin, a wide tie will suit you. It will make you look even slimmer, the ideal one for you is the narrow ones.

•The fabric of the ties also determines what occasion they are for, we will choose silk ones for more formal events or occasions and linen, cotton or wool for less formal ones.

•The most elegant color will be indicated by the darker it is, but we have to take into account your skin color, for example, green, light blue or light blue suits light skin and almost any color would suit dark skin. , since the color of their skin already stands out, so the use of different colors would be another complement.

•The print is also an ideal option, the printed tie breaks the monotony of a plain shirt, if you want to combine a print on a shirt and tie, keep in mind that if the shirt and tie are striped they must be different to achieve an effect optimal interesting.
For formal events, if you opt for prints, it is better that they are small and thin so as not to overload the outfit.

With all this information we hope that you can now choose which tie to wear for your next event, at Reme Antón Alicante , you have a wide variety of ties, ties and bow ties , to look spectacular on any occasion. We will be happy to help you find what suits you best and thus bring the perfect look to the wedding, communion or baptism.