Large sizes for women, what should I wear?

Style and elegance is not limited to clothing size.

For every woman there is a garment, whether party or wedding dresses or street dresses, that help highlight her attributes.

The key to getting the big women's sizes right is to be comfortable with your outfit and comfortable with your body.

Fashion for plus sizes takes curves into account, highlights and stylizes them.

We detail 5 TIPS for large sizes:

1.-To hide your belly, it doesn't have to be huge clothing or one that hides the central area of ​​the body. Stylize your figure with flared dresses, V-necklines and boat necklines. Skirts and pants with a higher waist are perfect.

2.-To hide your hips, it is not always easy to find the right outfit. To do this, you need to know these tricks: loose and asymmetrical upper garments, fitted and short lower garments, as well as high-waisted pants, dresses and flared skirts. They balance the silhouette.

3.-Dark colors hide and light colors give volume.

Dress the area you most want to stylize in dark tones and light tones for the other areas.

Going all black does not balance the silhouette.

4.-Prints look more voluminous than plain ones, put them on clothes that you don't want to hide.

A large print gives volume and a small one less, avoid horizontal stripes , better use vertical or diagonal ones, they make you more stylish.

5.-Favouring cuts are fitted pants and skirts, do not wear flared or wide-legged ones.

Avoid shapeless clothing, it is not flattering, it seeks to fit the waist.

The A-line or évasé cut is our best ally for blouses, jackets, dresses and skirts.

If you are going to a wedding, whether you are a godmother, bridesmaid or perfect guest or you are a communion mother, remember that you have to be comfortable, there are many looks and many hours and we do not want you to not enjoy that special day due to a bad choice.