Inspirational fabrics summer 2023

In summer we look for dresses, pants and blouses that breathe, that allow us to enjoy the events while resisting the heat in the best possible way. Therefore, it is a point in our favor to choose the most ideal fabrics for this time, providing us with the necessary comfort and freshness, at the same time that we look at the latest trends for this summer 2023 .

When we talk about summer fabric trends for 2023, we see a lot of greens, pinks and yellows, bright colors that convey joy and positivity. Another of the basics of this season is white, the color par excellence of summer parties, following the tradition of the popular Ibizan parties, with airy and hippie fabrics from the golden age of Ibiza, it also highlights sun-golden skin. Focusing on textures, we highlight light and breathable fabrics such as cotton, viscose and linen, which are very popular options at this time.

Summer cotton, the most desired fabric

We find its origin of plant origin and it fascinates us, because it is comfortable, fresh and very light. Its greatest advantage is breathability .

The characteristics of cotton that we want to highlight are the following:

  • It is composed of soft fibers.
  • It is a very resistant material, we can wash it in the summer as many times as we want, since it keeps its properties intact and that is a key point, because we sweat and expose ourselves to stains at any time.
  • It can be dyed and also bleached without problems. For this reason, many of the most ideal dresses are created with this fabric.
  • It is a breathable fabric; perfect for choosing clothes to go out for an aperitif, food at the beach bar or a pool party.
  • It is insulating, so it can keep us warm in winter too, we can reuse the t-shirts with jackets or comfortable pants to go to the office.
  • Its soft texture protects the skin.

Viscose, another great choice

Another of the summer 2023 trend fabrics is viscose. If we highlight any of its qualities, it is that it is a hypoallergenic and very breathable material, which serves to maintain freshness in hot climates, such as the one we face in high summer temperatures. And the most important thing is that it does not trap heat and evacuates water and sweat very well, making it one of our choices to face the summer. The drape of viscose fabrics makes it ideal for creating scarves, blouses and summer dresses. It is also widely used in more formal clothing such as ties, jackets or party dresses, as can be seen in some of the designs we have at Reme Antón .

Linen, glamor and freshness

Not only is it synonymous with glamor and elegance, this material absorbs moisture without sticking to the body, dries quickly and is an excellent conductor of heat, which makes it the ideal fabric for the warmest places. It should be noted that it is also resistant, fresh and flattering. This summer, do not hesitate to choose the summer 2023 trend , linen.

Another very fashionable option for this summer is silk.

Summer nights need this bright, elegant fabric that makes us shine. Silk is very light, very breathable, hypoallergenic and has a very soft, adorable touch. Its natural origin from the flax plant gives it these qualities. It is very absorbent and dries very quickly, which makes it very interesting for this season. Linen is one of the most used fabrics in summer. As we have already mentioned, it absorbs moisture, is very breathable and cool.