Spectacular trends for this spring summer 2022

Discover the new tastes, dresses and trends that will be popular this Spring/summer 2022.

For trend lovers, we present a new article by Reme Antón in Alicante in which we analyze in detail the new trends of 2022. Highlighting everything from the dress with an empire neckline and wide waist that is everywhere and favors all combinations to the latest sleeve designs, styles and colors. The empire dress is the most prominent in the 2022 style.

puffy sleeves

That is, puffed or with details (such as ruffles) add volume to the shoulders. In this way, by contrast, the body and waist are visually refined. They are perfect for hiding the details of the arms that we do not want to show. Puffy sleeves represent a change in fashion in the 80s with structured, striking and dramatic silhouettes, this style of sleeve being the most used. Coming into 2022 , puffy sleeves are a fantastic reminder of how to wear volume and how to make it look spectacular in your special look. They can come in different formats and be made with different types of fabric.

Selecting the size of the sleeves will depend on your personality and the style you are most comfortable with. For example, if you like to stand out in your looks and attract attention, at Reme Antón we recommend poet-style sleeves with lots of volume, transparencies and some applications. These designs are very flattering due to the effect they create in the dropped-shoulder neckline, in addition that they have the ease that you can take them off or put them on whenever you want. Another type of this trend to highlight are the puffy sleeves in the Bridgerton or Downton Abbey style: short and designed for a dress or blouse with a square neck and an empire silhouette design, which, as we have mentioned previously, is the cut par excellence of this season.


puffy sleeve dress

The draping

There are few designs more flattering and elegant than a draped dress. This blue design is perfect to complete with minimalist sandals and gold jewelry, as we can see below.

Draped dresses are the perfect allies to stand out at any event. This style of pleated dress has more and more followers. Its designs range from sleeveless dresses with thin straps to long-sleeved ones. In its mini, maxi long or side slit versions. Plain or printed in wild or sweet prints like flowers.

The drapes, which can be positioned both in the front part of the design and on the side, manage to monopolize the view towards them, creating an optimal effect of understanding the body, so in addition to being functional, they are also very flattering for all types. of bodies. As they are also usually made with flexible fabrics, comfort is another advantage that we want to highlight.

Draped dress

The empire neckline

This type of neckline cuts out a square on the chest that frames the collarbone. It is characterized by the cut under the chest from which a wide skirt emerges that flies over the waist and hips.

It is characterized by having a cut below the chest , as it leaves the waist loose and does not adjust the figure, it is a very flattering style that can help you hide certain defects, being a comfortable, elegant and very feminine neckline.

It has a strong Greek influence, hence its name, since it was intended to give an image of a slender and upright woman, which would delight the others present. It offers us a romantic, sophisticated and sexy air at the same time.

We can choose it in all colors and prints, although this type of dress connects more with soft colors and pastel tones. Flowers, especially Liberty type ones, work great as a print, without going into geometric or too modern designs, since they enhance that serenity and elegance typical of Greek culture.

The choice of accessories should be simple, leaving all the prominence to the dress, so wearing it with a raffia or fabric bag or purse would be ideal.

Short dress with impero neckline

The shirtmaker

There is no summer without a shirt dress and it is one of the few types of dress capable of uniting 25-year-old girls and 70-year-old women. The reasons are that it always flatters, they are comfortable and, as they are fluid, they are also cool.

A good example is the one that appears in the photograph, it is a shirt dress with a belt , this detail highlights the waist and shows a more refined image of the body silhouette. It is ideal for both a more formal occasion and for more informal everyday life.

These types of dresses are suitable for shorter women, but it is true that those whose cut lengthens below the knees are less flattering. Therefore, if you are short, the ideal is to choose a short model and leave more leg visible, since they give the sensation of much longer legs.

If we choose a mini shirt dress , far from being inappropriate, they can be the perfect garment for formal dates and even going to work because, by merging with the shirt style at the top (normally with closer necklines) they have a classic and elegant that makes us want to keep this garment in all our summer woorking looks.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about taller women , they will look much more favored with those midi-cut models that they wear combined with some high-heeled sandals.

At Reme Antón we take care of all the details, which is why it is important to highlight the prints, because they are a key piece that can completely change the optical illusion we have of how they look in one silhouette or another. If the drawings of a certain print are large, they will project a feeling of greater volume, on the contrary, if they are small, the effect is the opposite: you will appear thinner.

The ideal is to choose shirt dresses with small floral or geometric prints in a minimalist key, like the one shown in the photo. Without forgetting the stripes, if they are vertical, they will stylize the person wearing the dress much more.

Dress shirt

The one with butterfly sleeves

Butterfly-style sleeves were already a trend last year. Now, the season's dresses also star, like this Laura Bernal dress.

Its pronounced shapes give an air of sophistication and elegance typical of the ladies of yesteryear, at the same time, they provide a different, unique and flattering touch that distinguishes us and makes us the stars of the event.

The singers Dua Lipa or Rosalía have captured countless flashes using this type of sleeve in all their lines.

This type of sleeves, Butterfly sleeves are a modification of the puffed ones in which they exceed the geometric lines to rounded ones. The pattern creates a straight line from the shoulder , which it exceeds by several centimeters. If the sleeve is long, a lot of volume is seen at the shoulder and even up to the elbow and the pattern narrows to the wrist. If it is short, the sleeve looks like a cape and takes on a more or less open shape depending on the fabric and pattern.

They produce the optical effect of two butterfly wings, a silhouette that enhances the clock-like figure by visually widening the back and slimming the waist.

In addition, the butterfly-style sleeves, falling subtly on the shoulders and without completely covering them, produce a delicate and romantic effect in the style due to their slight flight.

Butterfly sleeves

The most striking pink

The most striking pink (known as hot pink or Valentino pink) is one of the most important shades of the season. As if its strident color were not enough, it can be complemented with the most striking accessories and complements. Do you dare?

Surely yes, we are going to give you more keys so that Valentino pink convinces you even more and you choose it so that it is essential in your next outfits. Pink evokes the love and empathy that serve as inspiration for the most acclaimed couturiers, hence the name, since the Italian couturier used it in all the designs of his 2022 collection, also being the rage of celebrities, fashion brands and European princesses have joined their commitment to a tone that is ready to color this season's fashion.

As we can see in the two images, designs that you can find in our store in Alicante, there are no specific types of dresses for this striking color, they can range from designs with asymmetrical lengths, like the first one, which serve us both for daytime looks and at night, even midi or knee-length dresses, which delight the most sophisticated guests.

The accessories can also be in the same more striking shade of pink or include a softer tone, such as lilac, beige or silver, shades that provide a tone of light to the whole. Flower belts are a perfect ally for this Valentino pink, since we can make thousands of summer combinations.

Eye-catching pink dress

Eye-catching pink dress

The 'cut out'

Openings, asymmetries and impossible necklines are considered essential in summer dresses. Dresses with cut outs in the abdomen area have already become Instagram favorites and a perfect way to join this trend.

The “cut out” design (with openings) is very flattering for rectangular silhouettes because They visually give the impression that the lower area of ​​the body is separated from the upper area, enhancing an hourglass effect.

This trend has its origins in the 90s, at that stage it was decided that the garment would blend with the skin, showing an attraction for low backs or bare shoulders.

This summer we recommend showing off the cut out on the sides of the waist, since we can choose between an asymmetrical cut on one side or a more parallel style. Furthermore, this type of pattern greatly favors shorter women because this horizontal cut adds centimeters while positively intensifying the curves.

It is also a good option to use openings in the central area of ​​the abdomen, they will not further highlight the waist. On the contrary, if we choose high-waisted dresses, where the cut-out openings are located above the stomach, it will stylize the figure and will not mark anything. that we don't want.

If we want to show off these clothes to the maximum and wear the latest trend, we advise you to combine them with some stilletos or with thin strap sandals.

This type of designs allows us to choose them for more formal occasions or even on a daily basis to go to work. accompanied by a blazer and then adapt it to cocktails, events or evening parties, being a key piece in these events. If we opt for openings in impressive long designs, they will become the perfect option for your summer weddings.

Cut Out Dress

The baby blue one

This tone has already become a rage and this summer it remains a color to take into account and, in addition, it flatters all skin and hair colors.

Baby blue is wearable for both day and night looks, and the fact that it is such a soft tone means that, if we want, there is no need to combine it and we can wear a monochrome outfit with an elegant and romantic air. It provides luminosity and is easy to combine with any other neutral color.

baby blue dress

The one with feathers

Feather details in clothing, shoes and bags are established as a micro trend that we must keep in mind when selecting our outfit to show off our best version at any event we have this summer. Feather accessories are ideal for giving a striking and elegant touch.

Furthermore, as no two feathers are the same, your dress will have its own essence, it will be a unique piece like the personality of each of us, they are an accessory that looks good on any silhouette and on any accessory we want to use.

Feathers give your look a rebellious and sophisticated touch, just as they are undeniably romantic. 2022 is the year of feathers , feathers in quantity, of a thousand different colors and designs.

Feathers are also a very successful option for brides' looks, giving them a touch of freshness. Its texture is inimitable, so its application in bridal fashion involves very artisanal work, with some designs being authentic works of art. When we touch them they are soft and warm; Visually, they are colorful, bright and festive and adapt to all types of fabrics and other decorations, such as sequins, lace, tulle or applications.

Feathers are not only for dresses, they are also an excellent accessory to use in hats and headdresses, like the one we present to you from Reme Antón in the following image. A headdress will add a lot of charm to the top of the look and the image will be as fun as it is nostalgic. In addition, those collected at night will have a lot of shine, since feathers in light tones absorb light.

Headdress with feathers


The word of honor and that's it

90s style sheath dresses are making a comeback this summer. Dress them with high heels for events and celebrations and flat sandals for midday or less formal events.

This type of neckline is defined by leaving the entire shoulder area clear due to its type of cut just above the chest, focusing attention on the upper part of the body. At Reme Antón we recommend that you combine it with a bracelet and long earrings, with striking jewelry that gives it that special touch to highlight the clear area of ​​the neck and shoulders. Although if you prefer sobriety, choosing small earrings and leaving your neck clear can be another wonderful option.

The one with flowers not so classic

There is no summer without a floral dress and this one was not going to be the exception. On this occasion, opt for one that has striking motifs and combine it with the shoes or bag, even with the belt as we see below.

The floral dress brings vitality and joy, it suits all silhouettes, enhancing the curves and is perfect for all occasions, whether it is a more formal event to go to work, a casual style to go to a party with friends or the event requires etiquette.

Flower dress