Do you have a wedding? Discover what is given at a wedding in Spain and other countries

The arrival of a wedding invitation makes us instantly think about the amount of preparations we have to start taking into account to attend such an important and traditional event. And, suddenly, we fall into the most complicated part, what gift at a wedding ? That question that invades our minds to be able to find the perfect wedding gift , the one that helps the couple remember us with love and emotion.

When we agree to attend the wedding we commit to being part of it, both the ceremony and the wedding reception, in which by tradition the guests offer a gift to the couple. Today, the most common wedding gift is money. In addition, the bride and groom usually attach a card with their account number to their wedding invitation so that friends and family can make a transfer, an effective and convenient method that has replaced the typical envelope of money that was given to the bride and groom. couples on the day of the ceremony, but it was a problem at the same time, since on that day of nerves and stress, being worried about not losing the envelopes could end up being a real headache for the newlyweds .

Which brings us back to the much talked about question: How much money do I give for a wedding? To be able to answer we must take into account, first of all, what a wedding in Spain costs on average. According to various sources, the average cost of a wedding in our country is €20,500 and the average number of guests is 130-150 guests. Therefore, it has always been said that the gift for a wedding should be an amount that covers the price of the menu. The difficult thing is knowing what that menu is worth, because it is a fact that only future spouses know. An idea that we give you from RemeAntón is to search online for the restaurant we are going to go to to check its level and calculate approximately how much the cover will cost per person, since a wedding in a luxurious hall is not the same as a wedding with a cocktail-style celebration.

We also have doubts about how much money is given for a 2022 wedding , because each season the prices vary and we are not sure if they have increased or the rates remain the same.

How much money is given for a wedding in Spain?

Years ago, the tradition of our country stated that the bride and groom had to make a wedding list with everything they needed so that their family and friends could go and buy the gift they considered according to their economic level or the relationship that united them with the future bride. couple. But that custom is left behind and new couples prefer to receive money so they can spend it on what they really need.

The common amount in Spain is between €120 and €150 at least, but we must also take into account the factors that we mentioned before, such as the type of restaurant and wedding chosen or the relationship we have with the couple, because It is not the same if it is your sister or brother's wedding or that of a co-worker. We help you resolve those doubts!

What gift at a religious wedding and a civil wedding in Spain?

Religious weddings in Spain continue to be the option most chosen by couples who want to walk down the aisle, and at the same time, they are much more expensive than a civil wedding. So the amount of the gift, therefore, must be greater. If you attend a religious wedding, the minimum price of the cover would start at 140 euros. This is the reason why more and more guests attend only part of the wedding, but not the entire celebration.

On the contrary, a civil wedding usually costs less than a religious one, the price ranges from around €14,000, since getting married civilly in court costs nothing, except in the case of selecting a specific town hall, which may be They charge depending on the day of the event and if they have to travel to a specific place. The cost is lower because they are usually more intimate ceremonies with fewer guests.

How much money should I give for a wedding if I am a relative of the bride and groom?

If we are direct relatives of one of the two spouses, the amount of the wedding gift must be higher, since we are united by a greater bond and this is reflected in the gift given, so the gift must not be less than 250 euros per person, 500 per couple, according to the protocol.

If you are part of their closest group without being a family member, but you consider yourself as if you were, the normal thing is to give the couple the same amount that we have noted before, about 250 euros per person, or select something important from the wedding, such as the photocall or live music, and give them that gift, which involves a high expense and may come in very handy at that moment, turning out to be an original and useful wedding gift .

We have been talking about how much money is given at weddings in Spain , but... what happens if we have friends or family abroad and they decide to get married? How much money is given for weddings in other countries ?

The answer is different depending on which country, for example, in our neighboring country, France , the tradition par excellence of French weddings is to give 5 dragees to each guest, symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, longevity and fertility, but if we talk about money, 150 euros per person are usually given away at a wedding, although here they are delivered by hand. Putting the account number on the invitation is considered in bad taste, and there are even those who see it as an offense.

However, in Sweden , it is unthinkable to give money at weddings; Swedish guests express their creativity and give gifts to the couple, such as flowers or quality bottles, since they are small and intimate celebrations, without large banquets.

In Germany , several traditions are celebrated to entertain the bride and groom, such as the “Polterabend” which takes place on the Thursday before the wedding and involves people close to the bride and groom, their families and guests getting together to bring the greatest number of ceramic objects they can to throw them (with the aim of breaking them), in order to wish the future spouses a lot of happiness, although the wedding gift in Germany par excellence, is like in Spain, money . The difference is in the way of giving money, (which people normally give in an envelope), for which Germans must find a creative and original way to give it away, so that they are looking for thousands of ideas that surprise the couple.

In the United Kingdom , guests give couples around €100 per person as a wedding gift . But they do not give them the money in hand or through a transfer, but rather they give them vouchers for stores.

In the Netherlands , the amount of the gift is lower: 100 euros per couple, that is, 50 per person, being one of the countries with the lowest amount.

Another curiosity worth highlighting is the case of Finland , where they continue with the tradition that we had before in our country in which the bride and groom usually make a wedding list, with gifts such as tablecloths, bedding and household items, leaving no room for to give away money in cash or by transfer.

As you can see, there are many differences and curiosities that surround the world of weddings and wedding gifts, whether for religious or civil weddings, anniversary, silver or gold weddings, in short, for all events that celebrate love. and we hope that at Reme Antón we will help you resolve your doubts and choose the best for your special day. We are waiting for you in our store in Alicante or through our website for any question you want to send us.