Tips to stand out with your makeup at an event

When we have an event coming up, our mind begins to think and devise what dress we are going to wear and what shoes would be ideal to show them off, but, sometimes, we forget a factor that is key for our style to succeed and for us to look beautiful. , changed and special on that important day. That factor is makeup , an art that helps us highlight the features of the face and gives us life and color, it is an artistic expression that highlights our natural beauty and increases our self-esteem, changing the vision that others have of us.

For this reason, at Reme Antón we are going to offer you a series of tips to stand out with your makeup at any event to show off natural makeup that further enhances our beauty and makes us feel special.

Makeup for an event held during the day

As with dresses, the protocol changes depending on whether the event is day or night, exactly the same thing happens with makeup.

In this season of BBC (weddings, baptisms and communions) it is essential to take into account a series of premises to get your daytime makeup looks right. Next, we will give you the keys to shine:

  1. As it is a daytime celebration, it is recommended to use neutral tones and nude and brown colors , since the colors of the dresses are usually striking and in different shades and prints, so natural makeup gives the spotlight to the outfit and highlights the simplicity and elegance, without resorting to strident makeup that could attract too much attention and fall into excess.
  2. It is important that before putting on makeup, we wash our face and neck well. It is essential to wash, exfoliate, tone and hydrate the skin , in order to achieve skin free of impurities that can cause makeup to become embedded and look bad.
  3. After hydrating ourselves with a moisturizing cream that suits our skin type, we must select a matte makeup base to combat shine, since being a daytime celebration we have sunlight, so the makeup must be soft and light.
  4. We must also select some translucent matte powders , these will help us combat shine and give that fresh look that favors during the day.
  5. Blush is another of our allies, but we must use pink tones that do not overshadow the natural pink of our cheeks. In addition, we can add bronzing powder, also a few small touches, highlighting our cheekbones.
  6. Eye makeup is one of the most delicate points of the entire session, since we must avoid dark or bright shadows, typical of evening makeup, as we will see below. Pink, orange or earth tones will be our allies for daytime makeup. We recommend not overusing the eye liner, if the line drawn is too thick or too extensive along the eye we can create the opposite effect to what we are looking for and overload the eye. We look for natural and simple options that give us light, so a fine line or even none at all can be a great success.
  7. Mascara is another key element, it opens our eyes and enhances our eyelashes. We should use a maximum of two layers, using black or brown tones or even opting for the latest fashion using transparent mascara.
  8. By highlighting the naturalness of the eyes, we can give color to our lips . A red or orange lipstick can make our lips look juicy and refreshing, just as selecting nude or gloss tones can offer us a more natural alternative in line with the simple style of the rest of the makeup.

Makeup for an event held at night

Evening makeup is a totally different story, if during the day we look for natural and simple options, at night we have license to shine, to stand out and to go crazy with daring and striking tones just like with party dresses. At Reme Antón we bet on long party dresses with excellent chiffons and fabrics, sequins and glitter that will delight all our clients. We also have classic dresses in a single tone or with more romantic lines that can be highlighted with the makeup that we are going to explain below with our tips to get the party makeup right .

  1. First of all, we want to highlight that the big difference between day and night makeup is the light, while in the morning we can enjoy natural light, at night we have artificial light that dulls neutral makeup , we need strong tones and vibrant like black, purple and blue, among others. The occasion also allows us more marked eyeliner, glitter and false eyelashes.
  2. As we have already pointed out in the daytime makeup section, the first step is to clean our face well to prepare our face and show off fresh, cared for skin. Applying moisturizing cream or gel-effect serum that hydrates will be another gesture that we cannot forget.
  3. We advise you to start with eye makeup , since it is the area that we are going to highlight the most and thus avoid staining the other parts of the face. Step-by-step eye makeup begins with choosing the shadows we are going to use. The shadows can be in dark colors, creating a smoky design that marks our look. The ideal is to choose three shades from the same range to lengthen or shorten our eyes, depending on the characteristics of our gaze. We can also use a glitter shadow on the mobile eyelid to draw attention and dazzle.
  4. Another of the most current evening makeup is the one that incorporates small shiny sticker stones around the eyes, they can be the same color as our dress or innovate with other tones. Stone makeup gives a very creative festive look, worthy of any influencer .
  5. The eyeliner can be our great ally in this type of makeup, the thickness is determined by us, and we can choose it to be thicker and longer. In evening makeup, taking a risk is a triumph.
  6. Mascara takes on a greater role, applying several layers or using false eyelashes will be a plus.
  7. We will have to prepare the rest of the face the same as in daytime makeup , using a base in our skin tones, with some good translucent powders that will help us seal the makeup. In this case blush becomes vitally important, we can use darker pinks and highlight our cheekbones more, since the intensity of the light is low.
  8. Night makeup allows us to outline the lips with a brush and then fill them in. The tone we select can be light or dark, shiny or even matte. Highlighting our lips will give intensity to our face, but we have to keep in mind that, if you want the attention to focus on the eyes, you should use shades that match your dress and strong eyeliner, with lips in light tones. If, on the other hand, you prefer to enhance your lips, select dark colors and highlight them with a contour. On this occasion, the eye makeup will have to be soft to avoid distractions and overloading our face.

Finally, add that one of the keys to success in makeup that looks like it was done by professionals is choosing quality products that help us achieve beautiful makeup . The bases must be set correctly and look for different shades that adapt to the characteristics of your skin.

At Reme Antón we are sure that if you follow these tips you will be the queens of any event, enjoying your look to the fullest, feeling confident and proud of your choices.

We are at Reme Antón, in Alicante , at your disposal for any questions or needs you may wish to ask us. Visit us and we will offer you the best party outfits for any event!