Admiral Boy Communion Suit and Mao Collar Ceremony

Today we talk about the Mao collar so popular among First Communion children in the Admiral and Ceremony Suits styles.

Do you know where that name comes from? Well, it goes back to Imperial China. At this time it was very common for men to wear it and the name Mao is given by the leader of the People's Republic of China Mao Zedong (1893-1973).

In the 60s it became popular in London and Paris and continues to be a trend in many collections. It is characterized by being a short, open, raised piece with rounded ends, hence the oriental inspiration. This type of collar is perfect for informal and formal occasions, since it offers us a different look that does not require a tie or bow tie, it dresses by itself.

Features in jackets and shirts with Mao collar

The Mao collar jackets or shirts for communion have straight lines with a slightly high collar, formed by a Trevilla and buttoned in front. They are usually made in unicolor tones and are sewn with straight lines, long sleeves without cuffs and the aforementioned collar, with only a couple of centimeters high.

Mao collar in admiral communion suits

In our Communion store in Alicante , you can find a wide variety of models of both Admiral and ceremony suits and of course classic linen sets. Any occasion is good to wear one of our designs for special occasions.

We love the Mao collar because unlike the lapel collar, it stylizes the child more, it looks less classic, the Mao collar gives a more sophisticated touch to the look. It is a different way to look elegant and distinguished, but maintaining a relaxed and youthful appearance, ideal for these ages in which children seek to look different, older, ready to start a new stage after the big day of their Communion.

In our 2022 Communion Collection, we cannot miss the Mao collar suits with all types of fabrics from linen and piqué to the most classic fabrics. Our wide variety is designed to appeal to all tastes and offer them different options with which to feel special.

The child can wear the Mao collar informally with short or long pants, depending on the occasion, or elegantly in formal suits with more dressy shirts. In addition, fashion trends are largely inspired by traditions from various places around the world, so the Mao collar is an excellent option to renew yourself and look for new styles.

At Reme Antón in Alicante we recommend wearing Mao collars, whether shirt or jacket, well buttoned, so they do not lose their shape. A perfectly buttoned communion admiral suit will give our children an impeccable appearance at their first communion.

Many think that the Admiral or Ceremony communion suits look more elegant with a lapel collar, that is a matter of taste and how our child feels, since each one has a different way of dressing and we must promote the one that best suits them. stay

Our Communion dress manufacturers such as Amalio Rubio, Marfe, Nova Drima, Timoneles and Crisbys each and every one of them opt for the Mao collar, since this type of collar is always a success.

In the 2022 communion collections you can find the latest trends.

We look for fresh fabrics that allow our children to take Communion and at the same time spend a day without being uncomfortable, that is why at Reme Antón we always work with the leading brands combining current fabrics and colors, this year 2022 as a novelty we have aqua green , dusty pink, maroon and earth tones in addition to the different shades of blue that have become a classic. We offer you these new varieties in order to ensure that all our clients find what they are looking for, that will make them happy, following the latest trends and exploring new styles that give us positive feelings and help us enjoy those special days, getting the best. of ourselves and our image.

At Reme Antón we have been dressing our little ones for more than 15 years.

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