Alicante Sailor Boy's Communion Suit. Trend 2021. The Best Manufacturers. Amalio Rubio.

At Reme Antón we now have the 2021 boy's communion collection available in Alicante .
We have classified them into admirals , sailors , ceremony and linen to make it easier for you to find your child's suit.
Today we are going to talk to you about sailors because they are the most in demand and about one of our manufacturers: Amalio Rubio.

Amalio Rubio is a family business located in La Roda, Albacete, with many years of experience specializing in the manufacture of children's communion and ceremony suits.
Over time, it has been able to adapt to new technologies and has been modernized, adapting its suits to your needs.
The sailor is a comfortable, simple and elegant suit . If we remember, we are sure that we all remember a family member who a long time ago made the sailor's communion with the classic suit in blue or white tones.
But today and thanks to manufacturers like Amalio Rubio , who are always at the forefront of the communion dress making sector, they offer us a wide variety of different colors and fabrics.
Green, gray, pastel and intense blue tones, tan...combined with linens, twills, canvas, silks... They give an almost personalized touch to each child.

All this, together with its quality and service , has made us have complete confidence and offer you its entire collection so that your children look radiant on the day of their communion.

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