"Women's jacket suits for weddings"

If you are thinking about opting for a different model for your next wedding or event, at Reme Antón in Alicante we have the solution. The most current and different option is to choose a women's jacket suit for a wedding , they offer us multiple variables that adapt to our style and our figure.

We are going to update you on the latest trends in women's wedding suits :

1. Women's jacket suit in blue tones: they are ideal for stylizing the figure, the sweetness of this shade makes it ideal for spring weddings, in addition, it is a very easy shade to combine, we can add a lingerie top in black or beige and achieve a perfect formula, like the Nati Jiménez model that we offer you at Reme Antón .

Green women's jacket suit

2. Women's wedding jacket suit with prints : selecting prints can be an original way to give another touch to the sober women's jacket suit , you can choose models with prints of geometric drawings or simple dots, although we recommend stripes, due to to their stylizing power and the sensation of flattering the silhouette that they give us.

Pink Printed Jacket Suit

Pink women's suit with flowers

3. Women's jacket suit to go to a wedding in daring red: red is the color of sexuality, of risk, and therefore, it gives us that luminosity and freshness that will make us radiant.

4. Women's wedding jacket suit with double-button blazer: this double-button blazer model makes it a feminine and very successful option when it comes to incorporating accessories, as it perfectly accepts a belt that adjusts the blazer even more. to the body and stylize the waist and the image of the woman. This model that we have available at Reme Antón in Alicante is ideal as well as comfortable and sophisticated.

White women's suit jacket with buttons

5. Suit jacket with puffed sleeves: the puffed sleeve is a clear evocation of antiquity, the elegance of ornate shapes and exaggerated volumes, which transport us to those times of brilliance and splendor, just what we need to achieve the best women jacket suit for special wedding .

Women's suit with pink sleeves

6. The tan color, a new reference in women's jacket suits for weddings : there is no greater sophistication than a model in warm, subtle and simple tones that capture attention without the need for large accessories. This design of straight lines and flared pants that we have at Reme Antón will simply delight you at any time of the evening.

7. Velvet has burst into the latest trends in women's jacket suits for weddings , its softness and elegance make it the fabric par excellence, it will be the ideal option for an autumn wedding.

8. Combining a blazer with details in a different color than the pants is also an idea that we would like to highlight. Two-tone blazers give us the touch of distinction and originality necessary to enjoy a different women's wedding jacket suit and elevate it to its maximum. level.

9. The oriental style in jackets stands out for events. If at our next wedding we want to surprise, choosing a women's wedding jacket suit with oriental details on the buttons will be your best option, it is different, it gives a cultural and elegant air to the outfit, forgetting about the traditional front button placket.

There are many combinations and ideas that we propose to innovate and convert the typical women's jacket suit for weddings , it is a unique and different choice, which allows us to be elegant and comfortable and incorporate accessories that help us achieve a perfect look. out of 10. At Reme Antón in Alicante we suggest that you visit us, look for the look that you like the most and we will be happy to advise you from our great experience in the world of fashion.