The best groom suits for a wedding this 2022, types and trends

On our wedding day we want to shine and show the best version of ourselves, because we are going to celebrate and shout to the world our love for the person we have chosen to share our life with. Therefore, choosing a suit is one of the most difficult tasks that future spouses face.

Latest news in wedding suits 2022

From Reme Antón in Alicante we want to do our part and bring you the latest news in 2022 wedding suits , with the new trends so that the groom stands out and enjoys his day with a perfectly selected outfit.

We must distinguish between two categories of groom's suits , depending on where the wedding is going to be held and what type of celebration it will be. We are going to analyze them according to whether they are for a religious wedding or a civil wedding.

Groom's suit 2022 for a religious wedding

If the celebration is religious, we must take into account the protocol rules established by the Church for this type of event. Focusing on a more traditional and formal style.

We highlight the 2022 wedding suit designs in blue , a different option from the classic black, which allows us to achieve a current and distinguished groom suit , the trend is to accompany it with Italian collar shirts with a thin and simple tie knot. At Reme Antón we offer you this Arax Gazzo model that includes two pants, some plain and others in checks, which can be worn at different times of the celebration, leaving, for example, the plain model for the Church and the daring checks for the after party.

Morning coats :

It is the most classic look, we recommend it for daytime weddings , it includes the frock coat, shirt, vest and tie, which is usually a Windsor knot. To choose the best wedding suit of 2022, we choose to combine different shades in the vests, with shapes, with flowers and with decorations that make the traditional morning suit come to life. Ties will also be our allies when it comes to giving that touch, striking tones matching the handkerchief are trending, giving a more risky version for those grooms who are not satisfied with a classic.

Our AR model will delight the most daring couples.

The tuxedo :

It is the model for late-night weddings , sober, elegant and that delights the most traditional bride and groom. They are usually black or blue, with the bow tie being the accessory that best combines with this type of groom's suit . We can give it a different touch with some floral decorations on the jacket, which make the tuxedo stand out without offering an overly ornate image.

Frac :

It is a very formal model of a wedding suit , very similar to the tuxedo but that is gaining ground in 2022, due to its subtlety and elegance.

Groom's suit 2022 for a civil wedding

It is important that we keep in mind that if the celebration is civil, we must choose the groom's suit according to the place where it takes place, whether it is a beach, a rural property, a themed restaurant or a different enclave. These varieties allow us to select a much more striking and innovative wedding suit, since they are not governed by such strict rules as in the case of a religious wedding.

In this new season of 2022 wedding suits we are betting on bright colors, maroon, green or orange. With designs that show us the happy and positive part of the groom.

The model par excellence for civil weddings is the suit . Our bets are on wedding suits for 2022 with different fabrics, plaid, plain, satin, simple checks, two-tone combinations with groom suits with tight lines, straight pants, with front cuts and backs marked to the silhouette, with the in order to define the man's body and make him feel special. We leave you some examples that you can find on our website, Groom and groomsmen suits – Reme Antón Modas ( , and in our physical store at Reme Antón in Alicante.