Do you have a communion soon? Has the long-awaited wedding of your close relative arrived? Do you want to innovate in that upcoming event you have? Then this is your article, since we are going to analyze the latest trends in fashion shoes in this spring-summer 2023 season to give light to your feet and achieve some top looks.

In this spring-summer 2023 season, the fashion shows in the fashion capitals have already shown us the footwear models that will be worn this spring season with the arrival of good weather and the countless events that these dates have in store for us. .

These models range from heeled sandals to flats (with a triangular tip) without leaving aside the “wedge” sandals that will continue to dominate in 2023 .


If we begin by reviewing sandals with heels , we must add that we choose the heel depending on the extent to which we feel most comfortable, since everything is acceptable to show off our shoes without dying of pain in the attempt.

One of the most acclaimed models of high-heeled sandals is the one that comes in metallic tones . Both silver and gold sandals are very suitable options for any event. They are ideal for both a more formal event and for an afternoon with friends or for going to work; They are essential tones to liven up any look .

We also want to highlight the sandals with thin straps or, called by fashion influencers, “strappy” sandals , which are covered with straps throughout the shoe, but supporting the foot and leaving much of it visible. They are a simple, comfortable model (since they are not usually high heels, on the contrary, and the thickness of the heel is considerable in some of them) and with a retro feel, which will delight lovers of “minimal” but with style. and sophistication. The most followed color combination is that of neutral colors, with thin strap sandals in black and white being the ones that dominate the catwalk of the leading brands.

Another option is high-heeled sandals buttoned to the ankle . This design allows us to combine classic with comfort, because the ankle support allows us to feel our feet are firm and helps us when walking. It also stylizes the ankle and gives a feeling of greater height, while being an elegant, classic and sophisticated shoe . They are an excellent combination with suits with large volumes in the skirt to counteract the effect of the dress or with long dresses with front slits , to show the shoe when moving and give that air of Greek inspiration so exciting.


We cannot forget the acclaimed “wedge” sandals, which are returning as an absolute trend, since they were very famous in the 2000s , with them we can achieve the most memorable summer 2023 outfits. Currently, we can get them in very interesting versions in leather or PVC, in neutral and classic tones, such as black, white, tortoiseshell or nude, or more striking ones such as turquoise or orange, they are perfect to match with everything in your wardrobe. summer. Without a doubt a most successful return to the past.


High-heeled mules are a different alternative that is trending this spring-summer 2023. This type of high-heeled sandal does not have any type of binding and is special for enhancing the figure and giving us those extra centimeters that stylize the vision of our look. . In spring-summer they will be worn in different colors and shapes, so we can choose those that best suit us with the outfit selected for that special occasion.

Another of our bets is flat shoes , if we had doubts about whether wearing a shoe without a heel was elegant or not, you now have the answer with the latest 2023 trends , they are a success and a challenge for those women who like comfort without lose elegance. The different prints of the dresses for this spring 2023 are the key to creating striking and different combinations with the triangular-toed flats , which are a vital acquisition for our wardrobe and an alternative to the thin and high-heeled shoes that are so difficult, even Sometimes it takes a whole day.

Without a doubt, this review of the latest shoe trends for 2023 is an invitation to innovate and let yourself go when choosing the accessories that accompany us at any worthwhile event, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers. At Reme Antón we are committed to looking good, looking different and special. Do you dare to wear a trendy shoe?