Without a doubt, the day of our children's first communion is a memorable occasion in the family environment, it is a special date for them, but also for the rest of the family.

Mothers have a fundamental role, so we are going to show you the most flattering looks in communion dresses for mothers 2023. With this we will ensure that they look elegant in this highly acclaimed celebration.

There really is no protocol for mothers who go to their child's first communion. Mainly, you have to Follow your own style, your tastes and preferences and feel comfortable with the chosen look. The highlight is to choose a midi-cut dress, with a design that is not too outlandish and that is also of a neutral color or tone that does not make you look too protagonist, since we must not overlook that the protagonists of this day are boys and girls. This does not mean that you cannot wear a printed garment, if this is the case, we recommend that it not be very striking.

What colors are trending in spring-summer 2023 for communion moms?

Regarding the tones or colors that we consider for this day, add that communions are celebrated in spring, the vast majority, so we prefer to leave aside dark colors such as black, brown or navy blue, to make way for more spring-like colors, but just as elegant, such as grey, pink, nude, yellow, blue, orange, lilac, red and green . They are very bright colors and are in full trend in the spring-summer 2023 season .

What kind of communion mom dress can I wear?

There are many types of dresses that are elegant and consistent with the first communion and that are also trending in 2023 communions.

Although the model par excellence is the cocktail dress. It is a dress with simple lines in which you can look splendid by combining them with the accessories and shoes appropriate to the style of the dress.

They can be short or midi designs, always accompanied by natural-color tights. Dresses can be sleeveless, short, French or even long sleeved. But keeping in mind that you must meet a minimum length: no mini skirts to attend Church. And if you choose a sleeveless dress, we recommend adding a blazer or bullfighter to the look while the ceremony is taking place.

On our Reme Antón website we have some ideal examples for these dates, such as this Carla Ruiz Short Dress model 99536 :

Jacket and pant suits are another trending option increasingly chosen by communion mothers , they are a different choice, but highly recommended. If we select this look, we advise you to select soft colors and fabrics with drape, with which you can stylize your figure and be fashionable. One of the 2023 trend fabrics is satin, so it could be a groundbreaking option for our women's jacket and pants suit .

Laura Bernal model available at Reme Antón.

Another alternative is to choose a blouse with a skirt . Sometimes, we get too complicated with the look and a simple silk shirt with a full, flowing skirt, with feathers or fringes could become the most acclaimed and comfortable look of the day. You will be able to alternate and innovate with textures and colors. In addition, it has another great advantage and that is that after the event you can use them separately and get infinite new looks for different events. Is there anything better than that? Elegant, comfortable and reusable, that is, a must.

And the accessories?

Accessories and complements also have to be selected carefully, as they are ideal for changing the look or giving it a different touch. While at weddings we can use jewel bags with greater weight in the total look, perhaps in this type of event it is better to opt for more neutral and simple options, which help us avoid overloading the outfit.

Regarding hair, if you want to wear something decorating your hair, you can choose a headband when our dress or outfit has very simple lines. Small hairpins are also ideal for this day.

I hope these tips help you when selecting your outfit because there are many doubts that arise when we have to choose the outfit for communion mothers .